SKUNKWERKS 13 – Kalashnikov Optics Platform

You probably haven’t heard of SKUNKWERKS 13 yet, but I suggest you take notice. They have just gone live with their new website and Kalashnikov Optics Platform and I suspect you are going to hear a lot about them.


The Kalashnikov Optics Platform (or KOP) is incredibly simple and I mean that as a great compliment. It is optic mounting solutions for AKs that utilize a series of different mounts that are attached to the AK in place of the rear sight via an over-sized pin. According to SKUNKWERKS 13 this system allows mounts to be swapped quickly and allows them to retain zero all while still allowing the rifle to be field stripped as normal and without interfering with folding stocks.


There are already a wide variety of mounts available. There is a magnified optic mount that utilizes the excellent split rings from LaRue Tactical, standard 1913 spec rails in various lengths, a Trijicon RMR mount, and an Aimpoint Micro mount. Many of the mounts have an integrated rear sight that replaces (and improves) the rear sight that they replace.

The KOP seems to have a ton of potential. You can find more information at



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