Review: JAVRAN Trauma Shears Strap

If you need to carry trauma shears in a secure manner that also keeps them easy to access, then JAVRAN might just have a solution for you.


The JAVRAN Trauma Shears Strap is pretty simple. It is a short strap made from 1” webbing that allows you to turn any single section of PALS (MOLLE) webbing into a secure storage location for trauma shears.

Observations from Use

The Trauma Shears Strap is very easy to use. You simply thread it through the webbing where you wish to store your shears. Then slip the shears into the same section of webbing and fasten the Trauma Shears Strap through one of the finger loops in the shears. When configured properly, the shears are retained by the PALS webbing and then secured with the Trauma Shears Strap.

The best thing about the Trauma Shears Strap is that as a storage solution, it is nearly as compact as the shears it stores. It adds almost no bulk at all. That is great if you need to tuck the shears into a small space on your gear. However, it also means that the shears are completely exposed to the elements. That may or may not be a big deal to you given the disposable nature of most trauma shears.

The shears are held very close to the surface that they are attached to so snagging should be a non-issue. It was a complete non-issue for me but my needs are very different from that of a deployed soldier or police officer. If you are concerned, you can usually tuck the tips of the shears into a lower row of webbing. Additionally, because of the extremely compact nature of this solution, it can easily be mounted in tight places between other pouches which effectively protects from snagging.

If you are concerned about the shears being exposed to the elements and you are mounting them to a plate carrier that has a kangaroo pouch, you can mount the sheaths on the PALS webbing row that is directly above the kangaroo pouch. This allows you to tuck the bottom of them into the kangaroo pouch while keeping the finger loops exposed and ready for access.

Wrap Up

Simple solutions are often the best solutions and the Trauma Shears Strap is certainly a simple solution. It does exactly what it is designed to do and manages to stay out of your way while it does it.

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