SHM Appendectomy Low Pro Holster

When you think of appendix carry, you typically think of inside-the-waistband holsters. Snake Hound Machine (SHM) wants to change that with their Appendectomy Low Pro Holster.

The Appendectomy is a Kydex outside-the-waistband that is designed to be carried in the appendix position. It rides very high and is canted aggressively. SHM claims that it rides very close to the body that it “conceals like an IWB with out the discomfort associated with IWB holsters.” Like all appendix carry holsters, it offers an easier draw with the support hand than tradition holsters.

The Appendectomy Low Pro Holster is available for a number of popular compact handguns like the GLOCK 26/27, S&W M&P Shield, Ruger LCP, and others. It is also available in several colors and multiple belt sizes.


2 Responses to SHM Appendectomy Low Pro Holster

  1. Curt November 8, 2012 at 14:04 #

    That cant does not look correct. That is the cant you would see on a behind the hip carry. Am I wrong? you would have to put your hand and arm in a contorted position to draw? I tried to move a few behind the hip holsters to the appendex and the draw sucks.

  2. M Atwood November 9, 2012 at 12:01 #

    It is sad to see yet another holster maker throw their hat into the ring with an obvious lack of training or understanding regarding Appendix carry.
    The cant is entirely inappropriate. The articulation of the wrist required would only be feasible if the holster was moved to the hip, or just behind at the 4:30 or so position. At Appendix, the cant of a proper fighting holster is grip rearward/muzzle forward at 15 to 20 degrees. This allows the user to establish a locked wrist fighting grip from the very outset, vs. having to fiddly-f*ck their hand around on the grip in a way that will prove disastrous in a close range physical fight. Had this holster maker bothered to train in a high pressure realistic way while creating their design, they’d know this. But alas and alack, another attempt by to make a fast buck off a trend, without having to actually do the work.

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