Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group Rifle Grip

As a result of an injury, I often have numbness in my fingers if I have to cant my wrists too much for a prolonged period while shooting. I have found that utilizing an AR-15 grip with a more vertical grip angle can really alleviate this numbness. I have been actively looking for an AR-15 grip that has a more vertical grip angle, relatively compact, but still hand filling which is how I came across the new Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group (UCWRG) Rifle Grip.

The more severe angle of most AR-15 grips worked well with the more bladed shooting stances that were popular when the rifle was developed. However, modern stances call for the shooter to be mostly square to the target with their elbows held in tight to the body and the rifle seated lower and closer to the center line of the shooter. In these modern stances, a more vertical grip is ergonomically correct and requires less wrist strain to use.

The UCWRG Rifle Grip has a noticeable resemblance to the Magpul MOE grip and MOE-K grip which makes sense because UCWRG consulted with Magpul to create this grip. Magpul’s involvement bodes well for any plastic product that is intended to be mounted on an AR-15.

I like to stipple the gripping surfaces on many of my firearms, so I was especially interested to see that UCWRG left the surface of their Rifle Grip smooth. They state that they do this to allow the user the freedom to apply their own texture.

I think that the most attractive thing about the UCWRG Rifle Grip is its combination of features and price. It is relatively compact but unlike other compact grips, it builds out behind the receiver which is a positive for users with larger hands. It also has the previously mentioned more vertical grip angle and comes with mil-spec mounting hardware. The grip, hardware, and packaging are all made in the USA and will retail for around $20.

These grips will be available shortly at Rainier Arms. You can learn more about the grip and UCWRG on their Facebook Page. The UCWRG website is coming soon.

I will be reviewing these grips in the future, so stay tuned.

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