Costa Leg Rig

There has never been a more hotly anticipated sub-load than the Costa Leg Rig. It was so hotly anticipated in fact that the first run of them sold out in hours. So, while these are unavailable right now, it is nice to finally have the details.

I have tried to like magazine sub-loads before but they all sat too low on the leg which brought a host of problems. The Costa Sub Load is designed to rid higher and utilizes two hangers so it is more stable on the belt. It certainly seems to be a better approach on paper and it may just be a great solution for keeping your rifle mags from riding up into your armor.

The Costa Leg Rig is manufactured by HSGI. It has integrated (non-detachable) HSGI TACO pouches that allow it to carry two of just about any type of rifle magazine and 3 of just about any type of pistol magazine (or flashlights, multi-tools, etc).

You can check out the Costa Leg Rig on


2 Responses to Costa Leg Rig

  1. Earl Pittman September 28, 2012 at 17:02 #

    Notice how they sub-optimized the Sub-Load carrier’s rifle ammo carrying capacity by placing a single pistol TACO in the center section, in order to make room for Costa’s logo. In a gun fight, i’d rather reach for that last mag and find it than look down with my last breath at that logo… Just sayin’

  2. Andrew Hyatt September 29, 2012 at 16:40 #

    I don’t know, I feel like 3 ak mags wide would be a little much for a sub load, not to mention 3 loaded rifle mags and 3 loaded pistol mags would get kinda weighty. I think it strikes the balance between functional and not overly bulky/heavy for most people, especially since it isn’t designed to be the primary magazine source. To each their own though.

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