Eberlestock Cherry Bomb and Secret Weapon

Eberlestock is well known for making backpacks that are designed to carry longarms. Their packs work very well for this task but they leave little doubt as to what the backpack is carrying. If you wanted something more discreet, you had to look elsewhere. That is no longer the case with Eberlestock’s introduction of the S25 Cherry Bomb and S34 Secret Weapon packs.

The Cherry Bomb and Secret Weapon packs are styled to look more discreet but they still offer the ability to conceal a long arm. Some so-called discreet packs really aren’t all that discreet but I think Eberlestock was quite successful at styling these packs to look like normal day packs. The colors are subdued but still manage to look innocuous.

The Cherry Bomb is the smaller of the 2 packs. It is capable of carrying a very short (7″ barrel) AR-15 with the stock collapsed. You could probably also fit a larger SBR (short barrel rifle) AR-15 if you were to separate the upper and lower receivers.

The larger Secret Weapon pack will accommodate an 11″ barreled AR-15 (or larger if broken down). It is also capable of carrying a 20″ barreled bolt action precision rifle if the user utilizes the Eberlestock M1 Stealth Chassis which folds shorter than just about any other stock like it.

Both packs also have an array of features and pockets for organization which make them very well mannered for use as a typical backpack when you don’t need the ability to carry a long arm. They are hydration compatible, have a removable waist belt, and have rain covers that stow in the bottom of the pack.

Check out the new S25 Cherry Bomb and S34 Secret Weapon packs from Eberlestock.

One Response to Eberlestock Cherry Bomb and Secret Weapon

  1. Sven @ Manticore Arms July 28, 2012 at 22:24 #

    I looked at the Eberlestock web page and they list the packs as 7.5 lbs and 4.5 lbs respectively. Is that accurate? Seems awfully heavy for such small packs!

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