Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel

If you are a big fan of the Indiana Jones film franchise or just a fan of cool nylon gear with classic styling, you are going to love the Indy Satchel from Zulu Nylon Gear. This new bag is a modernization of the classic WWII British MKVII gas mask bag that is the constant companion of Doctor Jones.

The exterior looks surprisingly original even though the materials are all very modern (double layer 1000D nylon and milspec hardware). The interior sports some modern organization potential in the form of a large loop field for use with hook-backed pouches. There is also a slip pocket on the interior that has a hook and loop closure and webbing loops on the back for attaching a waist strap (not included).

The Indy Satchel is a limited edition that won’t last long. It is not accessible from the main Zulu Nylon Gear website, you can click here to be taken to a special page on the Zulu Nylon Gear website.

One Response to Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel

  1. Ed July 21, 2012 at 15:34 #

    Unfortunatley due to recent events I’m looking to incorporate a gas mask into my on duty active shooter bag. Will this bag fit a modern gas mask, surefire 60 rounder and small med kit? I don’t know exactly which mask we are going to get just yet.


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