Beez Combat Systems AK TAP (Tactical Assault Panel)

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is introducing the first tactical assault panel that is designed specifically for the AK – the AK TAP. BCS has had multiple requests for TAP style rigs and they have seen a general trend in this direction. They decided it was time to bring this functionality to the AK.

The AK TAP looks to be quite versatile. It can be mounted to armor or a plate carrier or be used as a stand alone load carriage platform with the included “Y” harness. The “Y” harness is also configured to allow the user to attach a hydration carrier.

The panel itself uses BCS’ typical chest rig configuration with 3 magazine pouches. This design gives the user an uninterrupted 10×3 MOLLE field to customize and has individual magazine pouches to prevent mags from contacting each other. Each pouch has a shock cord retainer to retain the magazines. The panel also features a rear pocket for additional storage and a shape that allows it to ride high without interfering with the wearer’s arms or draw stroke.

You can check out the new AK TAP at


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