Review: Grip Force Adapters GEN 123SC

I reviewed both of the original models of the Grip Force Adaptor (GFA) last year (Gen 123 and Gen 4). I was extremely impressed with the handling improvement that such a simple addition to the Glock could make. Part of the allure of the Grip Force Adaptors (GFA) is how easily they can be modified to fit the individual shooter. Several users shortened them to work better with the smaller-than-full-size Glocks and also removed the flutes on the beaver tail area. Apparently these modifications became common enough that GFA mercifully created an off the shelf model that incorporated these modifications, called the Gen 123SC.

GFA on a Generation 2 Glock 17 that has been “chopped” to take Glock 19 magazines.

The original GFAs served 2 basic purposes: they straighten the grip’s backstrap and provide protection from getting cut by the slide (so called “race tracks”) if your grip is especially high. They managed to do all of this without adding an exorbitant amount of bulk to the grip. The new Gen 123SC GFA does essentially the same thing but it does feel a little bit different. The differences in feel come for the fact that the GEN123SC is shorter in length and that it lacks the large flutes on the contoured beaver tail area of the original GFA models.

I never really had a problem with the flutes on the earlier versions of the GFA but many people found them to be uncomfortable or at least unnecessary. The flutes also seemed to add a very small additional amount of bulk to the back of the grip (not enough to even come close to being an issue for me or anyone that I know). It was very common to see pictures of the GFA with the flutes completely ground off. Now that I have tried a GFA without the flutes, I can say that the GEN123SC is definitely more comfortable but I wouldn’t say that the earlier models are uncomfortable.

The shorter length of the GFA GEN123SC allows it to fit better on the smaller than full size Glocks like the 19 and 23. The Glock 19’s backstrap is different from the Glock 17 in that the “bump” on the backstrap of the grip sits up higher because the grip is shorter. You could shoehorn the original GFAs onto a 19 without modification or much trouble (I did) but this new model is a better (and easier) fit. As someone who doesn’t really care for the higher bump on the Glock 19, this new GFA is a godsend.

The smooth beaver tail area of the GEN 123SC will appeal those who modified the original GFA to remove the flutes.

The GFA GEN123SC still works very well with the full size Glock grips as well (Glock 17 and 22). Due to its shorter length, it doesn’t quite straighten out the backstrap quite as much as the earlier GFA models but it makes more than enough difference to be noticeable. In fact, I think I prefer this newer version because it does make such a noticeable difference while adding even less bulk than the earlier models. The shorter length and removal of the flutes seems to allow you to get your hand higher and closer to the Glock’s grip. The earlier models were great but this new model is even better.

The GFA GEN123SC, like the earlier GFA, will appeal to people who want a straighter, more 1911esque, backstrap on their Glocks and those who want to be able to get an aggressive, high grip without fear of being cut by the slide. When I originally reviewed the GFA, I was very impressed. Now that I have tried the new GFA GEN123SC, I am beyond impressed. I am not sure I will ever own a Glock 19 without one.

The GFA GEN123SC comes bundled for free with the purchase of any other GFA. Check out the Grip Force Adaptor website for more details.

2 Responses to Review: Grip Force Adapters GEN 123SC

  1. Jess Banda July 11, 2012 at 19:51 #

    Seriously thinking of getting one to try out…but I have large hands and need ot use the large backstrap for an optimum fit. Not sure how badly it would affect my grip.

    • Matt July 11, 2012 at 19:56 #

      Jess, you should be able to modify a GEN 123 GFA to fit a Glock with large backstrap according to this fit chart:

      The design on the GEN123SC is slightly different than the old GEN 123 version so I am not sure if it works with the large backstrap.

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