Beez Combat Systems on One Size Fits All Magazine Pouches and GucciFlage Nightmare Camo

Beez Combat Systems recently posted a good break down on the challenges of making “universal” rifle magazine pouches. AK-47, AK-74, and AR-15 magazines all have a unique shape and vary in length. Pouches that try to fit all of them, often end up not fitting any of them very well.

They also put a huge smile on my face with their late submission to the Army’s camo improvement process – GucciFlage Nightmare Camo (GNC). This may be the world’s first truly universal camo pattern – some part of it ought to blend in just about anywhere. This is the perfect camo pattern for the man who can’t make up his mind or the fashion conscious lady shooter who needs one chest rig to match all her tactical purses. I know it’s a joke, yet I still find myself strangely attracted to this.

Check out the Beez Combat Solutions website.

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