Combative Edge 2012 Model Knives

Combative Edge has completed a complete refresh of their line of knives for 2012. There are changes to all three models that they offer: the M1, the SR11, and the Salus.

The changes to the two folders, the M1 and SR11, are sweeping and impressive. These changes include a new framelock stabilizer, new pocket clip with more tension, an improved detent, and a locking pivot screw. Additionally, the SR11 will now come with a black G-10 scale instead of the original green micarta. Many of these changes are the result of direct input from end users.

The Salus will remain much the same with one major change. It will now be offered with a drop point blade shape instead of the original tanto.

There will be 100 M1’s, 100 SR11’s, and 200 SALUS knives so you will have to act fast. You can pre-order all of the 2012 models now from Combative Edge. You can find more information and picture on the Combative Edge Facebook page.

One Response to Combative Edge 2012 Model Knives

  1. Dan June 27, 2012 at 22:37 #

    Very cool! The SALUS is just an awesome knife, and I am happy to hear they are changing it to a drop point. I haven’t tried out any of their folders yet, would love to get my hands on one at some point. Thanks for the info Matt!

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