Review: ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

I have used a ton of different clear screen protectors in an effort to get more mileage out of my electronics, especially the ones that I use outdoors. For the most part, they were all found lacking. They would either peel, shrink, or discolor. Then I found the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD. They aren’t the cheapest screen protector on the market, but they are the first one that I have found that actually works well enough to be worth any amount of money.

I have one on my cell phone which has been in my pocket for more than a year with no signs of distress. The previous screen protector that I used started peeling in days and quickly had pocket lint stuck to all the edges. It was a mess.

I put them on all of my GPS units as well. I really enjoy orienteering and these units can really take a beating. The plastic screens that GPS manufacturers use scratch and scuff easily. It only takes a couple of days of use before the scuffs can start to make the screen less readable.  The invisibleSHIELD shrugs off scuffs and scratches easily that would otherwise damage a GPS.

They are extremely clear and do not seem to change the readability of the screen that they are protecting. In fact, they can enhance readability in some cases. It seems to fill in shallow scuffs. I have a GPS with some scuffing on the screen that can’t be seen through the invisibleSHIELD.

Installation is easy and, unlike most screen protectors, the invisibleSHIELD comes with everything you need to install it yourself (a spray bottle of lubricating solution, a lint free cloth, and a small rubber squeegee). I even keep the lint free cloths so I can tuck them into my gear. They are great for wiping down binoculars and rifle scopes in the field.

Electronics from GPS units to smart phones to tablet computers are becoming more and more common in the field. These items aren’t cheap so it is prudent to protect them. Check out the ZAGG invisbileSHIELD screen protectors.

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