ALG Defense AR-15 Triggers

I love a light crisp trigger as much as the next guy, but the truth is that many match triggers just aren’t suitable for firearms that may be used in defense of one’s life. When it comes to general utility or defensive AR-15s, I am advocate of using a mil-spec trigger group since many match triggers are far too fragile to counted on. Unfortunately, purchasing a mil-spec trigger group is a bit like playing the lottery. You might hit it big with a reasonably crisp 6 pound trigger pull or your might loose the farm with a crunchy 10 pound trigger pull. Thankfully, you don’t have to play the trigger lottery anymore.

ALG Defense is a new company that is starting to change what people expect from mil-spec triggers. They are a spin off from Geissele Automatics, so you know they know a thing or two about triggers. ALG Defense benefits from Geissele’s know-how and experience but they are separate companies with separate product lines. Geissele Automatics focuses on bomb-proof match style triggers and ALG Defense’s first two offerings, the ACT and QMS Triggers, are more along the lines of improved mil-spec triggers.

ALG Defense QMS

ALG Defense starts with quality trigger parts from a quality supplier and then tunes them to be smoother and crisper than your typical mil-spec trigger group. The end result is a trigger that offers a smooth, crisp trigger pull that weighs in at around 6 pounds (not lower than the mil-spec 5.5 pounds). This is all accomplished without changing the geometry of the trigger’s engagement surfaces (fragile geometry is part of what makes some match triggers unsuitable for defensive use) and with mil-spec trigger springs which are included along with improved trigger pins. So, you get a very clean and usable trigger without having to sacrifice the durability of a mil-spec trigger group.

The ACT (ALG Combat Trigger) is the flagship model. It is not only honed, but also HardLubed for increased surface hardness, wear resistance, and lubricity. It has a distinctive steel gray appearance as a result of the HardLubing but this can be painted to dull the appearance if desired.

The QMS (Quality Mil-Spec) offers incredible value. It starts with the same premium parts and is then tuned for consistent performance.

I plan on spending some quality time with both triggers, but initially these triggers seem like just the ticket for shooters who can’t or won’t use dedicated match triggers in their ARs. It is really nice to have a mil-spec trigger group on the market that offers some performance and consistency over the typical trigger group that comes in your lower parts kit. Stay tuned to JTT for a full review of both triggers.

Check out for more information. You can purchase your own ALG Defense trigger at Brownells.


2 Responses to ALG Defense AR-15 Triggers

  1. Jerry April 9, 2012 at 08:58 #

    I have the ACT, and it is not a signifigant improvement over the stock trigger to justify the price increase. Don’t think this is a cheap version of a trigger from Wilson, Timney, Geissele, etc. It’s just a stock trigger that isn’t good, but isn’t horrible.

    • Matt April 9, 2012 at 14:34 #

      I don’t think the point is to offer a match trigger. The point is to offer a quality trigger group (less common than you might think) that has a consistent break. The typical trigger group that comes in just about any lower parts kit can differ greatly from one kit to the next, even across the same manufacturer’s kits.

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