Valentine’s Day Sale at BFG – The Cure for Broken, Bleeding, and Stolen Hearts

Forget the little cards with cartoon characters and sappy puns. Forget the chalky hearts with cutesy sayings on them. Forget over priced roses or boxes of calorie rich chocolate. Blue Force Gear (BFG) knows what you really want for Valentine’s Day – killer savings on the Trauma Kit NOW! with supplies. What better way to show your undying love than a trauma kit that might actually keep you from dying?

The Trauma Kit NOW! (TKN!) pouch is designed to give you easy, instant, and well organized access to your trauma supplies. The user simply lifts the flap and pulls up which allows the entire contents to be removed from the pouch on one organized tray. It takes far less time to deploy the trauma supplies than it takes to read a description of how it works. These kits have literally saved lives.

BFG is going head first into their awesome Helium Whisper line and they need to move out their previous style of pouches which includes the excellent TKN!. The TKN! normally sells for $115 with the trauma supplies included but BFG is discounting them to just $70 when you use the code “VDAYTKN5”.

Check out the Trauma Kit NOW! on the to get your own while they are on sale and see a full list of contents.

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