VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grip

The new VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grips (UVG) offer hard anodized aluminum construction with the weight of polymer (just 3.8 ounces). This is accomplished by aggressively milling away excess material to leave a functional frame of a vertical grip. It is designed to be compact but still long enough to be a functional grip.

The UVG features rattle free internal battery storage for 2x AA or 2x CR123 batteries. The batteries are retained via a clever o-ring set up that is easily user replaceable if it starts to wear out. Batteries are watertight on their own so water tight storage is not necessarily needed.

The DLOC QD systems allows the UVG to be installed and removed on your rail without tools.

Check out the UVG on the VTAC website.


One Response to VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grip

  1. Ben Dude January 24, 2012 at 15:22 #

    I was fortunate to handle this at SHOT. Holy cow!

    It provides VERY aggressive grip, is lighter than sin, and just LOOKS like it means business. It’s the perfect length to provide a solid “Vickers-style” grip up front with the flashlight mounted on the far side and works equally well as an “index” hand stop / grip for those using the “MD” grip and activating the light on the near side of the rifle.

    I was contemplating a hand stop for my upgrade project but have given this a VERY serious look. It’s definitely built to the VTAC standard.

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