SSV Tactical Holster from FirstSpear

Sometimes the best way to make a new piece of gear is to combine features from proven pieces gear. It doesn’t hurt if there is a dash of innovation thrown in for good measure. That is certainly the case with the SSV Tactical Holster from FirstSpear.

Safariland’s SLS holsters have been the standard by which all other tactical holsters are measured for years. The SLS retention system has proven to be fast, durable, and reliable and the holsters have adapted well to the increasingly more common use of tactical lights. The SSV Tactical Holster starts with the proven Safariland SLS holster and adds a couple of innovative features to make an entirely new holster.

The most obvious of those innovative features is the nylon wrap on the kydex holster body. The nylon helps to quiet the rattles and thumps that can sometimes happen with these holsters. It is also a really clever and extremely durable way to apply a camo pattern like Multicam to the body of the holster. I typically apply some rattle can camo to my Safariland holsters but this method of using nylon will stand up to far more abuse. Long after any type of paint coating has worn off, this nylon wrap should still be going strong.

The SSV has a unique hybrid mounting system. It uses the UBL which is a very popular mounting option from Safariland for good reason. It lowers and offsets the holster just enough to clear a MOLLE belt or backpack hip belt without extending the draw stroke any further than needed. However, in my experience, the UBL can allow the holster to pivot on the belt slightly during the draw stroke which can cause the gun to bind. This seems to be more pronounced with handguns with a tactical light attached. When I was using a Safariland with UBL, I had trained myself to pull the butt of the gun in during the draw stroke which ensured a smooth straight draw. First Spear cured this issue by adding a leg strap to the holster. This ties the holster down and prevents it from rotating which prevents binding. The leg strap is removable if you prefer to use the holster without one.

From top to bottom, the SSV Tactical Holster looks sorted out. It is new, but, thanks to its use of the Safariland SLS holter body, it is also already proven. This is exactly the holster that I would build if I had the forethought and resources to build one. I am seriously impressed. I might be the first one in line when this is finally available to order.

Check out the SSV Tactical Holster from FirstSpear.

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  1. Publius November 18, 2011 at 22:21 #

    Booyah. I think I finally discovered a tac holster that meets my needs after all these years with the venerable Bianchi M12. Thanks for the h/u!

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