Strike Hard Gear AK-47 Chest Rig

In the past, it was a real challenge to find modern AK-47 load bearing gear like pouches and chest rigs. Fortunately for American AK shooters, there are more options than ever and the list seems to be growing constantly. Add the Strike Hard Gear AK-47 Chest Rig to that ever growing list.

This chest rig has some interesting features that set it apart from other rigs that I have seen. It holds 4 magazines in integral shingle type pouches across the front of the rig. Strike Hard Gear also sells an optional 4 magazine shingle that is designed to bolt right onto the front to expand the capacity to 8 magazines. I really like this expandable approach.

Like many chest rigs on the market, this one has storage inside the body of the chest rig. This storage can be used for everything from a tube of lithium grease to keep your AK running smooth, to maps, pens, first aid gear, or whatever else you need. However, the AK-47 Chest Rig from Strike Hard Gear breaks this storage pouch into 3 separate compartments – 1 large and 2 smaller. The largest pouch is in the center of the rig, behind the magazines and is large enough to carry 4 additional magazines. The two smaller pouches are on the outer edges of the rig and can be used to secure a radio or handgun to name a couple of items.

This rig also features full MOLLE coverage for adding additional pouches, shock cord magazine retention, and a padded “X” harness with plenty of adjustment. This looks to be a really full featured rig for the price.

You can check it out at the Strike Hard Gear website.

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