White Sound Defense Recoil Spring and Guide Rod for Gen3 Glocks

White Sound Defense (WSD) is quickly becoming the Glock spring specialist. Many recoil spring products on the market for Glock handguns are made with the competition market it in mind but WSD is building products with more serious users in mind. They recently introduced two new products that exhibit the typical attention to detail that I have come to expect from them.

The Recoil Spring for 3rd Generation Glock pistols from WSD comes in just one spring weight that is identical to the factory spring weight found in the G17/G22 and others. This ensures reliable operation across a broad range of ammunition. The spring is made from music wire and plated for corrosion resistance. This spring is made to handle less than optimal conditions and hard use.

WSD also introduced a Steel Guide Rod for 3rd Generation Glock Pistols which has some really unique features for the self-defense/law enforcement/military user. As someone who has used non-captured guide rods in Glocks before, I really appreciate the transverse hole that lets you use your armorer’s tool to “screw” the spring onto the guide rod (see the video). I really prefer non-captured guide rods if I am going to use an aftermarket guide rod since they are far simpler than their captured counterparts.

The guide rod is also slightly extended so that it sticks out the front of the slide to act as a stand-off. This features reduces the likelihood that the slide will be pushed out of battery if the muzzle is pressed into something when you shoot. I have never seen a Glock guide rod with this feature and I really like the simplicity of it. Other companies have made stand-offs for Glocks before but they are overly stylized, overly bulky, and preclude the use of most holsters, lights, and suppressors. The WSD guide rod is purposefully designed not to interfere with those items.

In this first video, you can see the tool-less installation method of the recoil spring and guide rod. You also get a good look at how far the guide rod protrudes from the muzzle:

In this second video, you can see how incredibly easy it is to install the guide rod with an armorer’s tool or allen key:

As usual with White Sound Defense, there is a lot more thought that went into these items than I have mentioned here. Be sure to check them out on the WSD website.

2 Responses to White Sound Defense Recoil Spring and Guide Rod for Gen3 Glocks

  1. Joe November 6, 2011 at 15:52 #

    Any plans for making these for the G19.

    • Matt November 6, 2011 at 16:03 #

      I have already asked Will at WSD that question. I will let you know when I know.

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