My friends at TacStrike have been offering one of the coolest services around to shooters. They will consign your shooting and tactical gear! The service has been going so well, that they are splitting it off of the TacStrike site and giving it its own site.

Here is how it works. You package up all of your unwanted gear and send it to Shooters Consignment. They take high quality pictures of it and list it on their site. This gives you very broad exposure and takes all of the headaches of dealing with buyers out of your hands. When your gear sells, they pay you. It’s easy.

So if you are tired of low ball offers, stupid questions, off-the-wall trade offers, pushy buyers, people who don’t keep their word, and every other of gear selling annoyance, check out Their site will be live soon. You can watch their Facebook Page for the latest information on the site.

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  1. Dan November 7, 2011 at 21:59 #

    Interesting. The secondary market for knives is pretty robust, but it is largely made of serious collectors and enthusiasts. Since gear is less niche and in my mind somewhat less collectible, this could be a pretty legit way of making use of some of that extra stuff without getting scammed and fleeced by places like ebay. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it, thanks.

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