ATS Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle

What if you could put 240 rounds of 5.56 down range with only 3 reloads? That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That is what Surefire’s 60 round High Capacity Magazines for the AR-15 and ATS Tactical’s new ATS Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle let you do.

The new 60 round Surefire High Capacity magazines for the AR-15 are making a serious splash. Several high profile trainers are coming forward and saying that the mags run very well in their classes. While these mags will fit in most double AR magazine pouches, their additional length and different shape can benefit from a dedicated pouch.

The new pouch from ATS has a shingle format. There are three pouches side by side that allow you to carry 3 60 round Surefire magazines. The magazines are retained with bungee pull tabs and have elastic straps around the mid section of the magazines. It needs 6 columns of MOLLE webbing to mount which is perfect for the front of most plate carriers or chest rigs.

This isn’t the first pouch for these magazines that I have seen but it is the first shingle style pouch that I have seen. It is nice to see gear makers supporting a new magazine that has a lot of potential. Check out the Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle on the ATS website.



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