ATS Claymore Pouch and Multicam Velcro from Supply Captain

Anybody who likes gear should have the Supply Captain website bookmarked. They offer a ton of tactical gear components that are often hard to find in anything other than bulk quantities. They also carry a lot of tactical gear and various other items. Two of their newest items are the redesigned Claymore Pouch which is now made by ATS and Multicam printed Velcro brand loop material.

The Claymore Pouch is an item that Supply Captain has offered for years. They often have it made to their spec by a noted manufacturer of tactical gear. It is now being made by ATS which is definitely a very good thing. This might be one of the most versatile and useful pouches that you will ever come across. It can be attached to a pack, belt, or plate carrier in order to carry essentials or it can be used as a stand alone pouch. The internal organization will keep all of your gear neat and tidy.

The Multicam printed Velcro loop material is something that has been needed for a long time. It often seems that between MOLLE webbing and the Velcro loop fields, there is very little Multicam material actually visible on something like a chest rig or plate carrier. Now more manufacturers are using printed webbing and hopefully they will be using this Velcro loop material as well.

Check out the Supply Captain website.

One Response to ATS Claymore Pouch and Multicam Velcro from Supply Captain

  1. Publius October 4, 2011 at 15:49 #

    If it doesn’t have “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” embroidered on it I don’t want it 😉

    Cool pouch.

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