Review: Advanced Outfitters MASHed Toe Tag

Nametapes are a really handy way to mark an item as your own. Nametapes with hook and loop backing are even handier since they can be easily be placed or removed. However, they require that the item that you wish to mark has a loop material panel to affix the nametape… unless you have a Mashed Toe Tag from Advanced Outfitters (AO).

The original AO Toe Tag was a simple strip of webbing with hook material on it and a paracord loop on one end. The paracord allowed you to attach the Toe Tag in a number of different ways. Not long ago, I was looking for something similar to a Toe Tag but with an attachment method that was easier to use than paracord. Kevin at AO suggested an ITW MASH hook and the MASHed Toe Tag was born.

I sat down with my calculator and determined that the MASHed Toe Tag has 4,004,658 different uses and I may have missed a few. Seriously though, it is very useful. You could use it to mark your range bag when you are in a carbine class, to mark your luggage, or as a keychain. In fact, it would turn your keys into a pretty useful flail if you use it as a keychain. I have used mine on the bag that I take to work everyday and as a way to mark an ammo can so that I can recognize my gear at a glance.

The MASHed Toe Tag gets even more useful with the addition of a reflective nametape. 1800NameTape actually makes nametapes that are embroidered on 3M reflective material. If you combine a reflective nametape with a MASHed Toe Tag, you now have a really great way to find your gear, even in the dark.

So, while 4,004,658 uses may be an exaggeration, you will probably find at least a handful of uses for the MASHed Toe Tag. It is one of those inexpensive, simple, handy gadgets that you will wonder how you lived without for all these years.

You can contact Advanced Outfitters through their website, on Twitter, or on the Usual Suspect Network.

Stay tuned for more AO goodies. I am currently working on a long term review of the Khyber 1.5 Belt.

One Response to Review: Advanced Outfitters MASHed Toe Tag

  1. Dan October 5, 2011 at 22:21 #

    Matt that looks pretty useful. I like the simplicity of it. Could be nice as part of a beefed up lanyard for one of my smaller EDC knives.

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