Deals on Diamondback Tactical from RedCat Tactical

Diamondback Tactical was one of my favorite gear makers. They weren’t as well known as some makers but they offered a solid line of gear at reasonable prices. Recently, Diamondback Tactical acquired the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. and they intend to focus more on armor going forward. So that leaves us with good news and bad news. The bad news is that a great source of MOLLE gear will no longer be available.

The good news is that RedCat Tactical was able to acquire Diamondback Tactical’s remaining inventory and they have been liquidating it on Ebay at really deep discounts. This is very high quality, American made gear that is being sold at prices that are lower than those of cheap, poor quality imported gear. I have already purchased several items and found their communications to be great and their shipping to be very fast.

Darin at RedCat Tactical tells me that they have over 100,000 items on 200 shrink wrapped pallets. They are opening new boxes all the time and are never quite sure what they will find. It’s like Christmas! They have everything from plate carriers, to pouches, to packs, and everything in between. Most of the typical colors are available like Multicam, Coyote Brown, and Ranger Green.

Since new items are being added all the time, the best way to shop is to go to their store page, click the link for all items, and sort on newly listed or you can just click on the following link where I have already done the work for you: RedCat Tactical – Newly Listed Items. I have been checking back daily just to make sure that there isn’t something new that I need.

Deal spotting isn’t really the purpose of Jerking the Trigger, but this was too good not to mention.

One Response to Deals on Diamondback Tactical from RedCat Tactical

  1. Dan October 5, 2011 at 22:40 #

    Nice man. I’ll definitely be keepin my eyes peeled. Can’t resist a great deal!

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