Spec-Ops Brand Recon Wrap in Multicam

One of my favorite multipurpose pieces of gear, the Spec-Ops Brand Recon Wrap, is now available in Multicam.

I use Recon Wraps all the time when I am on the range or outdoors. I even keep one stowed in my EDC bag in case I find myself in need of another layer for keeping warm. They work well as a sweat band for high intensity training or a halfway decent neck warmer in the winter. It is just a very versatile piece of gear that is now available in a very versatile camo pattern – Multicam.

These aren’t just for the high speed, low drag types. Now that they are available in Multicam, I suspect that they will be popular with predator and turkey hunters as well.

I never had problems with my original Recon Wrap, but apparently Spec-Ops Brand has made them even better. Now they are 2 inches longer which should be handy,. They have also improved the stretchability and moisture wicking performance.

The Multicam Recon Wraps are available with special pricing for a limited time. You can buy them direct from the Spec-Ops Brand website for $14.95 each or $25 for two with free shipping.

2 Responses to Spec-Ops Brand Recon Wrap in Multicam

  1. Publius September 13, 2011 at 16:28 #

    Those wraps are essential gear. As we all know, having a piece of gear in MC makes it even better 😉

    • Matt September 13, 2011 at 16:46 #

      Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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