Review: TAREINCO VTP Sling

Slings have come a long way from the days that most of them were just simple straps used for carrying your rifle. While those simple slings worked for their intended use, modern slings offer a host of efficiency enhancing features. The VTP (Variable Transition Point) Sling from TAREINCO is one such modern sling and it is one of the most feature rich slings on the market.

It's a 2 point...

It's a single point... It's the VTP from TAREINCO.


The TAREINCO VTP Sling is well made. It is made from 1″ tubular webbing which I have found to be a very comfortable material for use in slings. It doesn’t have the rough edges of typical webbing. The tubular webbing sort of rolls over itself instead of abrading your neck when you are the move.

The hardware is all of good quality and it is the selection of hardware that gives this sling a lot of its functionality. There are Troy Industries heavy duty push button QD sling swivels sewn into each end of the sling, though there is a new option coming that will allow users to use the attachment points of their choice. Each end also has a quality SRB (side release buckle). These buckles are important to some users who may need to get out of their sling quickly.

The sling also features the previously reviewed Impact Weapons Components 2 To 1 Point Triglide sewn into it. It is an integral part of the sling and a source of some of the unique functionality of the VTP. The VTP certainly is made from quality components.

Unique Functionality

The VTP combines many functions that can be found in other slings but in a new and unique way that impresses me.

The most noticeable feature is the ability to transition from a 2 point sling to a single point sling. I won’t say much about this other than it works very well. This function is tied to the use of the IWC 2 to 1 Point Triglide so if you are interested in learning why this is better than any other way of transitioning from 2 to 1 sling attachment points, you can read the review of the Triglide. It is very cool to see companies making the Triglide an integral part of their slings. This one tiny widget adds an awful lot of functionality to a sling.

Many slings offer the ability to quickly adjust the length of the sling. The VTP does it in a fairly unique way. Rather than a tab, the VTP has a loop that is constructed from a clever combination of triglides. The loop, which TAREINCO calls the APT, is large and easy to operate. I found that I could easily hook it with my thumb to make quick adjustments. It can also be grabbed with your whole hand if you think you will have trouble hooking it with your thumb under stress or against the timer.

It may seem strange, but I think what I like most about the VTP sling is the use of a Ladderloc to provide the static adjustment of sling length. Most slings require you to move multiple triglides around on the sling to adjust the static length. The VTP makes it very simple and easy. In fact, this is the only sling I have tried that lets me adjust the static length while I am actually wearing the sling. This feature makes it very easy to adjust your sling length for armor, winter clothes, rain gear, or anything else that affects the fit of your sling.

In Use

The VTP works as advertised. It delivers a ton of functionality to the user.

The loop works very well as a quick adjustment point. It can be hooked with your thumb when you need to tighten it quickly or it can be grabbed like you would a tab on other slings. I can achieve enough slack to transition the carbine to my support side without having to drop my arm out of the sling.

When I first received the sling I was frustrated with how difficult it was to tighten the sling. It could be loosened easily but tightening could be a tough. Now it is broken in nicely and adjusts very easily. It only took one dry fire session to really break in the adjustments.

Tightening and loosening the sling took some getting used to for me. All of my other slings adjust in the opposite direction as the VTP. The VTP can be tightened by pulling the loop toward the rear of the sling (my VTAC and VCAS slings are the opposite).

My biggest concern with this sling is amount of hardware that is used, especially in the loop (ATP). If this were to come unraveled, I am not sure that I could ever figure out how to put it back together. I am sure that TAREINCO could talk me through it though. Thankfully, the loop would actually have to come unraveled from 2 separate triglides before it made the sling inoperable.


The TAREINCO VTP is heavy on features. It incorporates the IWC 2 to 1 Point Triglide to greatly increase the functionality of the sling. It is comfortable to wear, easy to use, and offers a lot of functionality. It works.

Check out the VTP on the TAREINCO website.

I will be giving this sling away, so stay tuned for details.

Disclosure: I received this sling free of charge from Impact Weapons Components, who I work with as a product rep, for review.


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