BAD-ASS Crank Lever

You may remember that I recently showed you a prototype lever from Battle Arms Development for their excellent BAD-ASS that, at the time, was being called the Reverse Hybrid. Now it is being called the “CRANK” and it is in full production, ready to ship.

This lever was created by Battle Arms Development in direct response to demand from their users. It is reminiscent of the old starburst style selectors that many AR shooters love. However, unlike those selectors, these are actually well made.

The new name is fitting since these levers look somewhat like a crank that you might have rolled your car windows up with back in the day. That’s right whippersnappers, there was a time when power windows weren’t standard or even available.

The best selector on the market, continues to become more modular, more versatile, and more customizable. Check out the new CRANK lever for the BAD-ASS on the Battle Arms Development website. It is available with free shipping for a limited time.

One Response to BAD-ASS Crank Lever

  1. Roger Wang September 15, 2011 at 08:58 #

    Thanks Matt!
    We have Paul Galus at Loess Hills Tactical to thank for that name, Paul thought it looked like the manual car window lever 🙂

    Later this year we will have a new lever, making it the 7th lever for the 45/90 degree selector.

    Thank you Matt.

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