New and Improved GBi from NukoTools

You may remember that several months ago I did a review of the NukoTools GBi. That version of the GBi is made from durable G-10 material. Now there is a new version of the GBi that is made from titanium and as you well know, everything is instantly cooler when made from Ti.

I found the G-10 version to be very durable but I suspect that this new Ti versions will be even more durable. Ti is also extremely light weight and non-ferrous and non-magnetic, so all of the properties that made the original GBi such an attractive last ditch defensive tool are still intact.

Each GBi has a hand applied brushed finish and heat colored. This makes each one unique. You can think of them as art that will chew the skin off of your face.

The new GBi is available at the NukoTools website.

2 Responses to New and Improved GBi from NukoTools

  1. Dan August 17, 2011 at 19:46 #

    These are very cool Matt. I like how they are kind of subtle. Like, you wouldn’t necessarily think you could smash someone’s face in with it.

    • Matt August 17, 2011 at 20:08 #

      Yup. Subtle, right up until the face smashing. 🙂

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