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NukoTools Tactical Butter Knife – Now Available


The NukoTools Tactical Butter Knife is now available. These are probably the least discreet self defense tool that NukoTools has produced to date but it is also one of the coolest. The TBK features a stainless steel “blade”, and G-10 slab handles held on with large chain bolts. The scales are available in Black, Brown, OD Green, Orange, Tan, Jade, Toxic Green and Pink and you can have the handles given the “toxic” texture treatment for an additional $5.

The TBK is available for $80 including shipping. Check out the NukoTools blog for ordering info. These are a limited run and won’t last long.

DSC00390 DSC00391


Pink NukoHeads from NukoTools

Pink NukoHeads

NukoTools, maker of handmade self defense tools, just completed a short run of pink G-10 NukoHeads (formerly known as the GBi). Norman, the evil mind behind NukoTools, says that these pink NukoHeads are just the beginning. You can expect to see other pink items and additional colors soon.

Check out the NukoTools blog for all the details.

NukoTools A.C.D.T.

I always look forward to seeing what will come out of the NukoTools workshop next. The latest implement of facial rearrangement is the ADCT Gen2 or Atomic Cranial Divot Tool Gen2.

NukoTools ACDT Gen2

The ADCT has multiple functions. Like every other NukoTools creation, it is a last ditch defensive tool. It also serves a hanger for your keys and can open bottles. It is made from titanium to keep it light and strong and can be had with a flame colored or natural, tumbled finish.

Check out the ADCT Gen2 at NukoTools’ blog. You can also check out other NukoTools for sale at Vigilant Gear.

NukoTools ACDT Gen2 in Hand

NukoTools Now Available at Vigilant Gear

JTT has been talking about NukoTools’ discreet self-defense tools for years. They fit seamlessly into anyone’s EDC kit. Since Vigilant Gear carries some of the coolest EDC gear around, they and NukoTools are a match made in heaven.

This also makes getting NukoTools products easier than ever since NukoTools isn’t currently set up to sell online. Now, you can get your NukoTools fix directly from Vigilant Gear.

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