HSGI TACO Adapters

HSGI has introduced 3 new adapters for their HSGI TACO magazine pouches. These adapters add even more versatility to what is probably already the most versatile magazine pouch on the market.

The first adapter is a belt adapter. It allows you to attach a belt loop that is adjustable for different sized belts (from 1.25″ to 2.25″).The second adapter is a paddle adapter. The paddle allows you to easily slip the TACO onto any belt without having to thread it onto a belt loop. The third adapter is an RTI adapter. The G-Code RTI system allows you to easily remove the TACO from a number of different styles of attachments – everything from MOLLE to belt loops. This system allows you to move the TACO quickly and easily from one piece of gear to the next simply by having pre-placed attachments.

These new adapters make the TACO, a pouch that works with just about any rifle mag, into a pouch that works with just about any attachment method. That is some serious versatility.

The new adapters are available from HSGI.

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