Eberlestock X3 LoDrag and X4 HiSpeed

Eberlestock has introduced a pair of new packs: the X3 LoDrag and X4 HiSpeed. Both packs are variations of Eberlestock’s X1A1 pack. Both packs are very similar with the main difference being the X3’s integral scabbard for carrying a rifle or shotgun.

The packs both feature plenty of internal and external MOLLE webbing for adding additional pouches. They offer easy access via a top opening and a front loading panel. The top panel has a mesh pocket to keep small items organized and accessible. There are internal portfolio pockets that are sized to carry documents and a full sized laptop and external water bottle pockets to keep your water bottle close at hand when you are on the move.

The thing that interests me most about these packs is the shape. They have a wedge shape that places the widest part of the pack high on the back. This promotes proper weight placement by putting the bulk of the storage capacity in the correct place on the back to distribute the load. That is some very clever design that, until now, I have only seen on more traditional backpacking packs.

You can find both the X3 LoDrag and the X4 HiSpeed on the Eberlestock website.

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