New Headlamps from Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec’s (PT) headlamp lineup boasts two new additions. One is made for big boys and one isn’t.

The FRED is a new take on PT’s popular Fuel headlamp. There are two main differences between the FRED and its predecessor, the Fuel. The first is the replacement of one of the white 5mm LEDs with a single red 5mm LED. The second difference is that the FRED always turns on in low red mode. These two features combined ensure that the users dark adjusted vision will not be disrupted when the light is turned on and they serve to mitigate the risks of an accidental light discharge in a sensitive situation. The FRED features 4 output modes: low red, high red, low white, high white.

Princeton Tec FRED

The new BOT headlamp is not for you. Its for your kids. It features the same great compact form as the PT Byte but, unlike the Byte, it features 2 5mm LEDs. There are four different bright colors to choose from which are sure to please even picky kids. There are 2 output modes: low and high. I would have loved to have had a real PT head lamp that fit me when I was a kid.

Princeton Tec BOT

One Response to New Headlamps from Princeton Tec

  1. Dan June 11, 2011 at 23:52 #

    I would have loved one of those too Matt. These look like very well engineered headlamps.

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