New Version of “The Chart”

Rob S. from just released the latest version of “The Chart”. The Chart has been the source of a lot of controversy (mostly from people who missed the point) but I find it to be a tremendously valuable tool.

“Mil-spec” is an over-used and over-simplified term that is often tossed around by manufacturers that have never once thought of actually building to a specification, let alone a military specification. Most consumers will never educate themselves as to what mil-spec really means and why it is important. The result is that the majority of “mil-spec” carbines on the market really aren’t made to spec at all. The Chart gives an organized look at the features that actually make a carbine “mil-spec” and allows you to compare how various manufacturers stack up. There are no judgements made – just a whole lot of valuable information.

The information comes from the manufacturers themselves. Rob must have spent a ton of time gathering and organizing all of this. Many manufacturers are not represented on the chart. That is because they have either chosen not to provide information or because they just haven’t provided it yet. If there is a manufacturer you want to see on the chart, tell them to contact Rob.

The best way to access the chart is to view the conversation on You can also view the explanation of all the features listed in The Chart on

One Response to New Version of “The Chart”

  1. Code3Patriot June 11, 2011 at 12:09 #

    The only “controversy” about it is from certain morons at and other forums who cling to the belief that their lower grade rifle is on par with with manufacturers who don’t put out commercial grade garbage.

    Thanks to The Chart several companies have started putting out better spec’d rifles after the original chart showed there was room for improvement.

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