Tactical Innovations Engineering Kydex

Kydex sheaths and holsters have been with us for several years now and for the most part they are similar from one maker to another. Tactical Innovations Engineering’s (TIE) kydex work looks different than most kydex on the market because it is different.

One of the most striking things that you notice about TIE’s kydex is that there are often two different colors of kydex layered over each other. This makes the sheath very visually striking. All of TIE’s kydex designs offer “level 2” retention. Much like a level 2 holster, there is active retention that must be unlocked before the knife can be removed from the sheath. The retention is achieved with an easy to manipulate tab that Kevin, the proprietor of TIE, calls the TIE Lock. It is a very clever design.

TIE has been making kydex for 2 years and they just recently started a new website – TIETactical.com.

3 Responses to Tactical Innovations Engineering Kydex

  1. Kevin Robinson June 4, 2011 at 02:39 #

    The second layer is necessary as it is part of the 2nd level locking system, without the second layer the knife would only be held in by the normal retention characteristics of the formed Kydex.
    The retention properties of a well formed Level I sheath are adequate to hold the knife secure most situations however, under extreme conditions with severe jolts, Level I retention systems may fail.
    Hope this clarifies things a bit.

    K Robinson
    Tactical Innovations Engineering

  2. JOHN January 2, 2013 at 00:06 #

    Hello i’ve tryed going to
    tie tactical.com but it always looks
    like the website is under construction

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