New Site and Gear from IKICKHIPPIES

IKICKHIPPIES is known as the manufacturer for the SLAP or Sling Loop Ambidextrous Plate. I find the SLAP to be an extremely simple, extremely functional, and extremely versatile piece of gear. Now, IKICKHIPPIES has a new website and they have expanded their product line beyond just the SLAPs themselves to include accessories, special edition FDE coated SLAPs, and some really cool apparel.

Some of you will remember the SLAP Patch that we gave away here on Jerking the Trigger. It made a huge splash and several people inquired about where they could purchase one. Well patience is a virtue and now all you patient patch collectors have the opportunity to pick up your very own SLAP patches on the IKICKHIPPIES website. While you are there, check out the SLAP t-shirt too. I wear mine proudly!

The new IKICKHIPPIES site can be found at

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