AR15 Lamp

Is this the best lamp ever? Probably.

AR15 Lamps are just what they sound like – lamps made from real AR15 parts. I am not an interior designer but I am sure that a lamp that has a base that basically consists of an AR15 from the delta ring forward is going to make any room look great.

There are many options available to you when you order your lamp. There are several choices of base and shade. You can choose a “Tier 2” lamp that has standard hand guards or you can go with the “Tier 1” lamp that features a railed hand guard so it can be outfitted with your favorite accessories.

You can find contact and purchase information for AR15 Lamps on their website.

The Tier 2 lamp is lighter on features but it is still sure to start some conversations.

Why would you have feet made from rubber or felt when you could have once fired .50BMG brass.

No detail is too small - the switch is a cam pin.

The lamp is topped off with a turret from a Leupold scope.

One Response to AR15 Lamp

  1. jimmie durrant December 28, 2012 at 17:09 #

    where can a man get one of those calendars like the one in pic with ar 15 lamp.

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