Ruger Announces New 6.8SPC Chambering for the SR-556

Ruger announced that the SR-556 will now be available chambered in the excellent 6.8SPC. While I don’t necessarily like everything about the SR-556, I am pleased that a company like Ruger is getting behind the 6.8. Hopefully the cartridge will continue to gain traction.

This should be a pretty exciting development proponents of the 6.8SPC.

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One Response to Ruger Announces New 6.8SPC Chambering for the SR-556

  1. Dann in Ohio August 26, 2010 at 18:28 #

    This is an interesting development from Ruger. Ruger was an early adopter of the 6.8 with their Mini-14 Ranch in a stainless version a while back. Now if that new SR-556 Predator they took a survey on would just arrive with a 1:7 rate of twist in the barrel for heavier .22 bullets…

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