SLAP Plate

If you have been reading Jerking the Trigger for long, you know that I appreciate ideas that make things more simple. The best gear offers the most function with the least amount of complexity. The SLAP Plate is one of those pieces of gear. There are many AR-15 end plates on the market that allow you to attach a sling. The SLAP Plate has a unique shape that sets it apart and offers some serious functionality.

The SLAP Plate looks like any other end plate except for the addition of a curved bar that runs from side to side and curves under the buffer tube. This bar is integral to the end plate which makes it extremely strong. The user can attach the sling to this bar via a mash clip/HK style clip or attach the sling directly to the bar.

The curve of the bar and its central location allows the sling to travel to either side of the weapon depending on which side the shooter is operating the rifle. The shooter can quickly transition from right hand to left hand operation and back without fighting against their sling. The sling moves to the optimum position on its own thanks to the clever design of the SLAP Plate.

Hard users of the AR will also appreciate that the SLAP Plate is stamped from steel, not aluminum like many other end plates with sling loops. This means that it can be staked to hold the castle nut in place the same way you would stake the standard end plate.

I should also mention that these are not just for single point slings. This is the best place to attach your two point sling as well. This sling mount position allows for a much wider range of motion when executing reloads with the butt of the rifle tucked under your arm, when getting into the prone, when executing malfunction clearances, and it makes support side transitions much easier.

I owned one of these plates for about a year and I loved it. Sadly, the rifle that it was mounted on has since been sold. I did find that the corners on the inside of the loop were a bit sharp. I quickly and easily broke the sharp edges with some wet dry sandpaper.

I may need to pick another SLAP Plate up for an upcoming project. You should too!

View detailed pictures and purchase yours at

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