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SERT & Sneaky Bags at SHOT Show 2018

WOODBRIDGE, Virginia – January 20, 2018 – SERT and SNEAKY BAGS, the industry leaders in nylon rifle cases and covert bags, will launch several new products and services at 2018 SHOT Show, January 23 to 26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

For the first time, SERT will introduce its Precision Rifle Bag (PRB) which will become available to the public later this year.  It will be available in 2 sizes, 46” and 51”.  In addition, the company recently launched it’s Take-Down Case (TDC) to the public.  The TDC was first introduce at the 2017 SHOT Show and is now available in 28” and 22”.

SERT will also be introducing an OEM program targeting rifle manufacturers who seek quality rifle cases to be packaged with their respective rifles. The products specifically designed for the OEM program will be exhibited at the booth.

SNEAKY BAGS will be showcasing some new additions to their line which includes their new Covert Duffel Bag (CDB).

Attendees of the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas can see their new offerings at the SERT Booth #20000 in the main LE Hall (Level 2). In addition both companies/brands will be launching their new web sites during 2018 SHOT Show.

For more information please contact 703-670-8001 or info@sert.us

SERT: www.sert.us
Sneaky Bags: www.sneakybags.com

SERT Take Down Case (TDC)

SERT is one of original innovators of discreet take down cases for AR-15s. Their C3 Compact Carbine Case was the case to have back in the day and it has been copied by several companies since. The C3 is still available and will be offered along side a new compact carbine case, the TDC or Take Down Case.

The new case features extensive internal organization options. It can be carried a number of ways depending on how you configure the straps (duffel carry, briefcase carry, backpack, cross shoulder). The TDC will be available in two sizes: 22″ and 28″ (shown). The 28″ model will accept a number of different carbines but it is sized to accommodate a 16″ AR-15 with Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter.

Stay tuned for pricing and release details. SERT will unveil the new TDC at the SHOT Show.


Save at SERT on Black Friday

SERT’s Black Friday sale is already underway. Don’t miss out on a chance to save on all their gear including the nicest rifle cases I have ever used.


Store Banner 01

EVADE Backpack from Alpha One Niner

A19-Recon9-04-LoResYou may remember Alpha One Niner from when they launched their first product, the RECON ONE, via Kickstarter. Since that time, the Alpha One Niner portfolio of tactical gear inspired travel and EDC goods has grown considerably.

Alpha One Niner is the brainchild of Helm Ashiblie of SERT, Sneaky Bags, and other ventures. His work literally takes him around the world on a weekly basis which gives him a great perspective on what people really need in a travel bag. Helm previously designed the SERT Penumbra to serve as his ultimate travel backpack (I reviewed that bag on these pages and still use it daily) but this time he enlisted the help of the EDC Forums readership to help design a new bag called the EVADE Backpack.

If you like the Penumbra, you’ll like the EVADE. Helm’s design influence can be seen throughout the bag. In some ways, it looks like a scaled down version of the Penumbra but to assume that would sell short the several new features that the EVADE tucks away in its nylon shell.A19-Recon9-05-LoRes

Starting from the front of the EVADE and moving back, you first find a large loop Velcro field for patches and ID. That loop field is sewn to the outside of the large admin pocket which boasts several organization features included a padded slip pocket for electronics, pen slots, a lanyard, and tons more slip pockets of various sizes. This compartment also has an attachment point for the new Matroskya Pouches which are essentially removable internal pouches that are sold separately.

The next compartment moving toward the back is the main compartment. It represents most of the pack’s 1650 cubic inches of volume. The compartment is designed to open very wide and is secured with a zipper and two side mounted compression straps. It features two internal mesh pockets which is a common element of Helm’s designs and another mounting point that will accept a large Matroskya Pouch. The Matroskya Pouch mounts at the top of the compartment allowing you to essentially segment the main compartment and simply flip the Matroskya Pouch out of the way to access your other gear.

Moving back from the main compartment you find an elastic slip pocket on each side and a generous laptop compartment. The slip pockets are perfect for water bottles or similar gear. The laptop compartment is padded and will accept up to a 17″ laptop or tablet.

Hidden behind the EVADE’s padded back panel is a loop Velcro lined, zipper closed concealment pocket. This can be used for carrying a handgun in a Velcro backed holster or as a place to store documents or a tablet.


The EVADE also has nicely padded shoulder straps and a padded grab handle. There are webbing loops that can be strung with shock-cord to create a bungee storage matrix on the front of the pack.

The EVADE Backpack is available in a number of color and fabric options. You can check out the EVADE Backpack at Alpha One Niner. If you “Like” Alpha One Niner on Facebook, they will provide you with a 20% coupon code that will save you some cash on your own EVADE Backpack.


SERT Announced Debut of TRMR E2 Distraction Device


From SERT:

Woodbridge, VA, January15th, 2015 – SERT, LLC a company long known for some of the best rifle cases in the industry, has been busy running their product development group at full throttle. Several new products will be announced in 2015 to complement their ever expanding kit & gear line. The first, however, will be the upcoming debut of their new TRMR E2 Distraction Device at next week’s 2015 SHOT in Las Vegas. The only one of its kind, this new TRMR E2 is the future of distraction device technology.

With a 3-Stage Safety System and an Inertia Recoil Firing System, it is the fastest deployable and reloadable device of its kind in the market, with no pins or levers to lose. The new TRMR incorporates a ‘Twist to Arm’ safety system. Depending on the required application, the new TRMR can be loaded with a variety of munitions for training & operations.

Demo models are on hand at SERT’s booth # 20000 in the Law Enforcement section.

To learn more about the TRMR, please contact Helm Ashiblie at +1.703.493.0340 or email, admin@sert.us


Review: SERT Penumbra Backpack

I have been using the SERT PENUMBRA Backpack nearly every day for almost a year. I have traveled with it, commuted with it, and used as a general EDC pack. I have put some solid miles on this bag and now it’s time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys as it were).

SERT Penumbra Tag


The PENUMBRA is designed to be an efficient travel bag for the frequent traveler and frequent traveling is something that Helm Ashiblie, the founder of SERT, knows more than a little something about. He is a Premier 1K flyer with United Airlines which means he flies A LOT. The PENUMBRA is what he wanted in a backpack.

The bag is constructed with a 1000D nylon outer shell and lighter nylon material inside. The shoulder straps are firmly padded and have plenty of structure. The back panel has raised padded areas and a thin HDPE stiffener. It also features a top grab handle, adjustable sternum strap, and side compression straps.

The PENUMBRA does not lack volume or organization options! It has 4 zippered compartments – a large laptop sleeve, a large main compartment with loop Velcro lining, an admin compartment with many organization features and that is quite large compared to most admin compartments, a smaller organization compartment, and 2 small side pockets. All of those pockets add up to about 32 liters of capacity.

SERT Penumbra

Observations from Use

I have been using this bag for nearly a year. It travels to work with me every day. It has also been used on a handful of trips. In spite of all those miles, it still looks basically new. The quality and durability of every SERT product I have tried has been excellent. The stitching is always straight and even. The cloth edges are always secured with binding tape. They use absolutely massive bar tacks at critical points throughout. This bag should last a long, long time.

As I said above, this was designed to be a travel bag, especially for moving through airports. I don’t fly that much but many of the features that make a good travel bag also makes for a good EDC bag.

The organization in this bag is great for 2 reasons: there is plenty of it and there is plenty of capacity in spite of it. Many backpacks that are overloaded with compartments and organization suffer a lack of capacity. I would much rather have a bag with a few large compartments than 40 small ones that you can can’t even fit a change of clothes into. The PENUMBRA strikes a great balance here. The large compartment is large enough to pack a weekend’s worth of clothes or a large insulated lunch bag for work and there are still plenty of other options for keeping smaller gear organized.

The laptap compartment is well designed. It is slim, well padded, easy to access via its top zipper, and it will fit up to a 17” laptop. SERT proved that they know something about laptop sleeves by designing it so it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the pack. Cheap bags with poorly designed laptop sleeves let your laptop rest on the bottom of the bag with little protection. The PENUMBRA gets it right.

SERT Penumbra Lockable Zipper

The main compartment is very large and can hold a lot of gear. It has loop material sewn to the back wall which will work with a variety of hook backed accessories. It is closed via a top access, double zipper with small rain flap. The zippers for this compartment are lockable. The compression straps are mostly designed to compress only this compartment and they do a good job of that.

SERT Penumbra Admin Pocket

The admin compartment is a wonder to behold. The back wall features an organizer with a zippered slash pocket, numerous business card sized sleeves, pen sleeves, larger sleeves for notebooks, a padded phone sleeve, and more. The front of the compartment has two large, zippered mesh pockets. The compartment itself is actually large enough to hold a lot of bulkier items that won’t fit in the organization features. To give you an idea of how large the admin compartment is, you can fit a pair of men’s shoes in it even with items packed into the organization features.

SERT Penumbra Front Pocket

The front stash pocket is sized more like what you expect from an admin pocket. It is slightly bellowed thanks to its three panel construction and features 2 zippered mesh pockets on the back wall.

The 2 zippered side pockets were designed to catch smaller items that you have to remove from your person at a TSA checkpoint – wallets, belts, keys, and other random pocket stuff. They have a sort of triangular shape that works well with the look of the bag but makes them a bit less useful to me. I would rather have a place to carry a water bottle or something like that. They aren’t really tall enough to secure a water bottle and when they are opened, they can hold a bottle but not securely. This is probably one of the only missed notes I can find on the PENUMBRA and I am probably nitpicking since these pockets were never really designed with water bottles in mind. I currently use one of the compartments to carry a small IFAK and keep the other empty to catch random stuff when I need it.

SERT Penumbra Side

Most of the compartments are top access but the half height (or more) zippers allow good access. The zipper on the admin compartment is long enough to allow you to fold the front of the compartment down to view the entire organization panel.

The pack is as comfortable to wear as any pack you’ll find without a load bearing hip belt. This is due in large part to the well-padded back panel with stiffener and firmly padded, well-shaped shoulder straps. The stiffener is key in a pack that you will be wearing for any length of time. It keeps the laptop or other gear from creating hotspots on your back and helps it bear weight better.

The bottom of the pack is also padded with firm, closed-cell foam. This provides some water resistance and protection for the contents.

Wrap Up

Before I received my PENUMBRA, I favored a bag with loop lining so I can configure as necessary. The PENUMBRA is so successful at balancing organization and cargo capacity that I don’t really use my loop lined bags much anymore. This is a great bag for EDC and travel. It’s built like a tactical pack but designed to blend in. I expect that I will be using this bag for a long, long time.

Check out the SERT Penumbra.

SERT Penumbra Back

SERT Armor Plates

SERT Plates

SERT is bringing their own line of NIJ certified Level III+ armor plates to the market. These plates will be available in SAPI cut, shooter’s cut, and side plates. These will be available in March. Stay tuned for details.

Check out SERT.us.

Sneaky Bags 2014 Preview

Sneaky Bags Preview

Sneaky Bags has some interesting bags in store for 2014. The most exciting (to me) is the new smaller version of the CRB that is designed for SBRs, AR Pistols, and PDW type weapons. It looks the most like an athletic bag of any of the CRBs yet but still retains all the great weapon specific functionality and durability.

There is also a HUGE version of the CRB that most people will probably not need. It is being developed for a specific weapon and some very special users. However, it may also be useful to those who need a comfortable way to lug several weapons around like those who shoot 3 gun competitions or similar events.

Additionally, they are working on a sling bag that will have some very cool weapon-specific functionality as well.

Look for more information at SHOT Show. Check out SneakyBags.com.

SERT PENUMBRA Backpack and New Slate Gray Color

The new PENUMBRA Backpack is SERT’s vision of the perfect travel backpack that can also pull duty as an EDC bag or office bag.

The PENUMBRA features a total of 6 compartments that total 32 liters of storage space with numerous internal organization features. There are two zippered side pouches that are designed to store the items that you would typically have to remove from your person at a TSA checkpoint or they can be used to hold water bottles.


The main body of the bag is split into 4 compartments. The forward most compartment features internal mesh pockets for small item storage. The second pouch features very impressive admin organizer along with additional space for medium sized items.

The next compartment is the main storage area of the bag with room for bulkier items and loop Velcro for mounting Velcro backed pouches. The final and rear most compartment is a padded laptop sleeve that can store up to a 17″ laptop.

You’ll also find 10ooD Cordura nylon construction, lockable YKK zippers, well padded back panel and shoulder straps, WOOJIN hardware, and side compression straps.

The PENUMBRA is available in 4 colors including Black, Coyote Brown, Medium Navy, and a new Slate Gray color that is being added to the entire SERT line.

Check out the SERT PENUMBRA Backpack.

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