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Mountain Ridge Gear Medical Duffel Bags

If you have been reading JTT for long, you know I am a fan of Mountain Ridge Gear’s bomb-proof, American-made duffel bags. They are extremely handy, made in Colorado, and very affordable when you consider the quality. I have a few of the smaller sizes that I use all the time and plan to pick up the entire set.

I have often commented on the usefulness of the smaller sizes as first aid kits especially for inside of a vehicle and apparently I am not the only one who thinks this way…

Mountain Ridge Gear is now offering their XS (9″ x 4″ x 4″) and S (13″ x 6.5″ x 6″) size duffels in red nylon with black accents and a white cross emblazoned on the side. This new color option will ensure that the bags are instantly recognizable as first aid items. They are available separately or as a set of two (which saves some money versus buying them separately).


The EDC Tool Roll: Mountain Ridge Gear XS Duffel Bag

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various every day carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or every day carry bag.

Feel free to comment on the tools that you carry so we can all learn! The discussion on these posts has been very valuable so far.

I started writing this series because I built my own pocket tool kit to make my life easier around our property. My wife suggested that I write about the kit and I am glad she did because it has grown into one of the most popular features on JTT. So much so, that I have received a ton of great suggestions from readers including a few that have asked for suggestions for a tool bag that is still compact but that can carry more tools than the pocket sized options that we have already covered.

Coming up with a recommendation was easy because I already have the perfect bag. Mountain Ridge Gear (MRG) makes 4 different sized Duffel Bags that range from very large to very small. The smallest, a size MRG calls XS, is a perfect size for a compact tool kit at 9″ x 4″ x 4″. I know it can be hard to visualize dimension so think of a typical toiletry bag and you’ll understand the size of the MRG XS Duffel. I can fit every tool that we have profiled so far in The EDC Tool Roll series inside of it.

The XS size is perfect for stuffing inside of a larger bag like an EDC backpack or range bag. It has a tubular webbing handle built into one end that makes it easy to retrieve from inside of another bag.

These bags are BOMB-PROOF and super affordable. MRG sews them right here in the USA, Colorado to be specific. They use 1000D Cordura Nylon and beefy #10 YKK zippers. Every single edge is bound with tape so every seam is reinforced and there are no bare edges to start fraying.

MRG makes these bags to last in a way that few nylon companies still do and the bag still only costs $15 shipped! I am not sure you can get a cheap, off-shore produced tool bag for less than that. These bags are a bargain.

When I purchased this one, I should have bought a whole stack of them because there is no shortage of ways to use a bag like this. They are a great size for travel, vehicle first aid kits, tool bags, chainsaw tools, and all kinds of other uses.

Where to Buy: The XS Duffel is only available from Mountain Ridge Gear. It’s $18 including shipping!

Alternatives: I am sure there are other small bags out there that would work but it will be tough to beat the price and quality of the MRG XS Duffel. We have covered two smaller “tool bags” in this series already.

Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer

Triple Seven Gear Micro Kit

Do you have a compact tool bag, tool roll, or other tool that want to recommend? Tell us about it below.

Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bags Are Back

Mountain Ridge Gear has been making overbuilt duffel bags in a number of sizes for a long time. In fact, we mentioned them here on Jerking the Trigger way back in 2010! They never stopped making them but they were only available under another well known pack maker’s brand name for a last few years. Now the bags are back under the Mountain Ridge Gear name and they are a still a bargain.

The bags are built from 1000D Cordura with #10 YKK zippers and  available in 4 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large.


  • XS: 9″ x 4″ x 4″
  • SM: 13″ x 6.5″ x 6″
  • MD: 18″ x 8″ 8″
  • LG: 23″ x 11″ x 11″

Check out Mountain Ridge Gear’s Duffels at MountainRidgeGear.com.


Mountain Ridge Gear Launches New Website

Mountain Ridge Gear, maker of some of the most rugged backpacks and other gear I’ve ever used, has just launched a new website. The new site features their EDC gear and pouches along side their line of saddle bags, pommel bags, and panniers. If you like well organized, bomb-proof backpacks or you run donkeys in the backcountry, check out the new MountainRidgeGear.com.


Mountain Ridge Gear Hydro Pouch

Mountain Ridge Gear Hydro Pouch

Mountain Ridge Gear’s Hydro Pouch is a pretty good looking solution for carrying water bottles. I like the use of a cinch top on this pouch. This type of closer is easy to access one handed, scales easily to different sized bottles, and lets the pouch serve as a small dump pouch in a pinch.

Check out the Mountain Ridge Gear Hydro Pouch.

Mountain Ridge Gear Bravo Pack

It boggles my mind that so many people still don’t know about Mountain Ridge Gear (MRG). Their bags are some of the most finely crafted pieces of nylon gear that I have ever laid hands on and their organization features are always very useful. MRG recently gave everyone a sneak peak at their second backpack design – the Bravo Pack.

The Bravo Pack is 16″ tall x 5 1/2″ deep x 11″ wide. It has adjustable shoulder straps and PALS webbing on the front admin pouch and one side. The other side features a mesh pouch with an adjustable opening that can carry a water bottle or serve as a dump pouch.

MRG’s gear is rugged enough for any application and has such great organization features that they excel at EDC. The Bravo Pack is not available yet but you should check out MountainRidgeGear.com anyway.

New Products from Mountain Ridge Gear

Mountain Ridge Gear (MRG) has rolled out a ton of cool stuff since I last wrote about them. I’ll highlight a few of them here.

TMP-W Extreme


The most notable of the new crop are the 2 new versions of the Tactical Man Purse – Wide (TMP-W) which I previously reviewed. The TMP-W is one of the most impeccably made pieces of nylon gear that I have laid my hands on to date and I have no doubt that these new versions are going to be just as bomb-proof. Both new versions appear identical to the original TMP-W on the outside. It is the inside that sets them apart. The TMP-W Extreme has an interior that is completely covered with hook and loop material which offers the user nearly endless ways to quickly and easily organize the bag. The TMP-W MOLLE has an interior that is lined with MOLLE webbing which also allows a high degree of customization – especially if you already own a stash of MOLLE pouches like I am sure most of you do. The TMP-W has also seen some improvements in the form of available A-TACS camo and a new rubberized bottom panel.

Backpack Straps for the TMP

MRG also has a slick new set of backpack straps for the Tactical Man Purse. They attach to the carry handle of the TMP and allow the weight to be distributed between both shoulders instead of one like you would have with the standard shoulder strap. They also allow easy access to the TMP by simply taking one arm out of the strap and pulling the bag around to your side. These would be ideal to keep packed away inside the bag until you need them. They wouldn’t be my first choice for an overnight trip but they would sure beat having to carry a heavy bag on the single shoulder strap over long distances. This is a very clever idea.

Other new items include the extremely handy Quick Sac organizers in a variety of functional fabrics and the Hanging Pockets which will also work in your Kifaru bags.

New Summit Duffel from Mountain Ridge Gear

Mountain Ridge Gear recently introduced their medium Summit Duffel. This duffel bag has some really slick features. It has large sections of MOLLE webbing on both ends, several pockets to organize your gear, wide straps to handle heavy loads, and the typical Mountain Ridge Gear over-built construction. This bag would be a great range bag, car kit, gym bag, or carry-on bag. It is hard to beat a well made duffel bag for all-around gear toting versatility.

Check out the Summit Duffel at Mountain Ridge Gear’s site.


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Mountain Ridge Gear Utility Bags

Mountain Ridge Gear is offering a set of all three sizes of their handy Utility Bags. These are simple duffel type bags that can be handy for organizing just all kinds of gear.They would be perfect for car kits, range bags, or even for the gym.

The vast majority of duffel bags on the market are poorly made junk. These Utility Bags are made to the same high standards and with the same quality materials as other Mountain Ridge Gear bags like the previously reviewed Tactical Man Purse, which means they are bomb-proof. These bags feature beefy YKK zippers, storm flaps over the zippers, and tubular webbing for the handles.

These are sold in a set of all three sizes or individually, but you save $10 if you buy the set. Check them out at Mountain Ridge Gear’s website.

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Mountain Ridge Gear Redesigns Their Tactical Messenger Bag… Again!

Last week I mentioned the newly redesigned Tactical Messenger Bag from Mountain Ridge Gear. Well, Mountain Ridge Gear wasted no time in refining the design once again.

The newest version features two huge improvements. First, there is some additional MOLLE webbing on the front of the bag, under the the flap. Second, the rear pocket that is closest to the wearer now has Velcro loop material for use with holsters and other hook backed accessories. Of course, the same overbuilt craftsmanship and functional organization that you have come to expect from Mountain Ridge Gear is still intact.

Check out the newly redesigned Tactical Messenger Bag while it is on sale!


MOLLE webbing has been added to the front of the bag.

Hook and loop material has been added to the rear compartment.

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