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Sneak Peek: ATS Tactical Low Profile SBR/Pistol Sling Bag

This prototype sling bag from ATS Tactical is designed to hold an SBR, AR Pistol, or similar. The exterior of the bag is devoid of any markings, patch panels, or PALS webbing. The interior is accessed via a full clamshell opened and features some organization for items such as magazines, first aid, and more.

The bag is designed to fit SBRs/pistols with side folding stocks up and barrels up to 11.5″ in length. It will also fit SBRs/pistols with sliding stocks and barrels up to 7.5″ in length.

Stay tuned for details on this bag will be available.


ATS Tactical Skirmish Belt

ATS Tactical knows a thing or two about “battle belts”. The idea of belt mounted fighting kit isn’t new but it went through a major resurgence a few years ago thanks in part to companies like ATS Tactical with their excellent and affordable ATS War Belt. Now they have a new belt system to show off, the ATS Skirmish Belt, and it deserves a look based on pedigree alone.

The ATS Skirmish Belt is more of a slim, modern battle belt chassis than the ATS War Belt. It is an inner/outer belt set up. The 1.5″ inner belt features full coverage loop material so it can mate with the outer belt. The 1.5″ width should allow the inner belt to work with just about any pair of pants.

The hook material lined, 1.75″ wide outer belt is made from rigid scuba webbing to allow it to bear heavy loads. The outer belt also features 2 rows of PALS webbing and a Cobra buckle.

The ATS Skirmish Belt comes with 4 keepers to further ensure that the inner and outer belt components remain locked together. It is available in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Black.

Check out the ATS Skirmish Belt at ATSTacticalGear.com.

ATS Mini IFAK System

ATS Tactical’s new ATS Mini IFAK System is now available. This is a straightforward belt mounted IFAK pouch. It consists of 2 main components including an outer pouch and a pull-out tray. The 6x3x3″ outer pouch features an adjustable, Velcro secured belt loop, removable medical cross patch, and dual zipper top opening.


The tray is similar to their ATS Medical Insert except shorter. It features elastic loops for organizing kit components and a red strap for quickly removing the insert from the pouch. Once removed from the pouch, it is designed to open like a clam shell and lay flat.

Check out the new ATS Mini IFAK System at ATS Tactical.

ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away Video

ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch

We recently mentioned the ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away and several of you asked for additional pictures of the pouch. Well, I don’t have additional pictures but I do have a video that gives a great look at this new offering from ATS Tactical.

ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away

The new ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away is purpose built to be mounted on a warbelt. It features a compact horizontal form factor and rip away functionality that make it ideal for belt mounting.

ATS Tactical SOF Bleeder Pouch

The SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away can be removed from the PALS mounting platform by releasing a retaining strap with side-release buckle and then pulling a tear away handle. This seems simple enough that the pouch could be mounted on the rear portion of the warbelt but still allow access for thewearer.

ATS Tactical kept the weight to a fairly scant 6 3/8 ounces by constructing the SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away from 500D nylon.

Check out the SOF Bleeder Pouch Rip Away at ATSTactical.com.

ATS Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle

What if you could put 240 rounds of 5.56 down range with only 3 reloads? That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That is what Surefire’s 60 round High Capacity Magazines for the AR-15 and ATS Tactical’s new ATS Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle let you do.

The new 60 round Surefire High Capacity magazines for the AR-15 are making a serious splash. Several high profile trainers are coming forward and saying that the mags run very well in their classes. While these mags will fit in most double AR magazine pouches, their additional length and different shape can benefit from a dedicated pouch.

The new pouch from ATS has a shingle format. There are three pouches side by side that allow you to carry 3 60 round Surefire magazines. The magazines are retained with bungee pull tabs and have elastic straps around the mid section of the magazines. It needs 6 columns of MOLLE webbing to mount which is perfect for the front of most plate carriers or chest rigs.

This isn’t the first pouch for these magazines that I have seen but it is the first shingle style pouch that I have seen. It is nice to see gear makers supporting a new magazine that has a lot of potential. Check out the Triple Surefire 60Rd Mag Shingle on the ATS website.

ATS MCH Hydration Carrier

ATS now makes a hydration carrier that integrates with their chest rigs! It attaches to the H-harness that comes on their modular chest rigs like the previously reviewed and truly excellent Low Profile Chest Harness.

Staying hydrated is vitally important to getting the most out of your time at the range. Having a pouch like this makes it easy to carry the water you need to be on top of your game.

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ATS Low Profile Chest Harness – Compact Chest Rig Perfection?

Experience changes your perception of what works. When I first started shooting, I built a MOLLE chest rig in anticipation of my first carbine course. Nearly every column of webbing on that rig was filled with a pouch of some sort. I could cram 8 magazines into it and it looked awesome. That chest rig didn’t survive the transition from looking cool in the living room to actually being used on the range. It was bulky, heavy, and hot. It interfered with my draw stroke, my sling, hydration back pack straps, and anything close to natural movement. Lesson learned.

I am a slow learner and, while my chest rig choices have gradually gotten smaller, simpler, and lighter, I feel like I have still been trying to learn the lesson from that first chest rig… until now. Several months ago I picked up an ATS Low Profile Chest Harness. The “Low Profile” part of the name is very fitting. It is a very different rig from that first rig all those years ago.



The ATS Tactical Low Profile Chest Harness is everything you need and nothing you don't.


The ATS Low Profile Chest Harness (LPCH) is definitely an exercise in “everything you need, nothing you don’t”. It can hold 3 primary magazines in “shingle” style on the center of your chest. There easy to use shock cord retainers on each magazine pouch. On either side of the magazine pouches is a utility pouch that is roughly the size of a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle. These pouches can be used for your blow out kit (in fact, ATS makes a medical insert for the pouches that is sold separately), various range items, extra magazines, or what ever else you can fit. The body of the rig is made from double layer 1000 denier Cordura and the space in between the layers can be used for storage as well (small, flat items work best here). The entire rig is covered with PALs webbing so you can add additional pouches.



Note the Velcro field on the harness and the way the straps are adjusted with no loose ends.


The harness on the LPCH is basically perfect in my opinion. It features a non-padded “H” harness with a generous Velcro field in the center of the back for adding patches. The loose ends of the straps can be tucked into the body of the body of the chest rig which is an excellent feature. Many chest rigs have heavily padded shoulder straps or harnesses which may be necessary for an over loaded rig but they make using wearing a backpack a real pain. “X” harnesses also tend to pinch the neck, especially when you are wearing a pack so the “H” harness design of the LPCH is a welcome change. I tend to prefer flat, wide, non-padded shoulder straps, especially now that I have learned my lesson about overloading a chest rig. For those who feel that they need a padded harness, ATS makes one that can be purchased separately.



The utility pouches will nearly close on a 32oz Nalgene bottle.


The LPCH is lightweight and very compact. Its footprint is very small on your chest. This is what initially drew me to this chest rig. The chest rig is small enough that it doesn’t really wrap around your chest like many chest rigs. It almost fits perfectly between the straps of my backpack. That, coupled with the thin “H” harness, makes wearing a pack with the LPCH much easier than with other rigs.

The magazine pouches are well designed. They are deep enough to retain the magazine quite well (even without the shock cord retainers) but they still allow you to get a good grip on the magazine body. A good grip on the magazine is essential to a fast and sure handed reload. No one wants to be the guy who is throwing magazines down range because their magazine pouches only allow a finger tip grip. The pouches even work reasonably well with AK Magazines (though some AK mags will be a tight fit).



If you need to carry more magazines, you can easily fit 3 spares in a utility pouch.


I like to wear my chest rigs pretty high on my chest. This accomplishes 2 things: 1) it is more comfortable in the prone position and 2) it minimizes interference with other gear like your handgun holster. Some rigs are limited as to how how they can be run because of their padded shoulder straps or harness. This is not the case with the LPCH which can be adjusted to ride very high on the chest. The LPCH works very well with a belt rig. I find that I reload fastest from my belt, so having a chest rig that can be used effectively with my belt rig is big positive for me.



You can utilize the pocket inside the body of the chest rig for flat items like maps and field note books.


The ATS Low Profile Chest Rig probably won’t make your reloads any faster. It won’t make you lucky with the ladies or help you re-grow hair. It will do a very good job of carrying magazines and other essential gear on the range without over loading you or getting in the way. If you too have learned that less is more when it comes to chest rigs, then you might find it to be a good choice. I liked it so much that I bought one for my wife too. Even she likes it.

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