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Krebs AC-15

You know that guy in the internet AK meme that is saying “Nyet, rifle is fine”? Well, even he wants one of the new Krebs Custom AC-15s.


The AC-15 is a thoroughly modern AK with features that shooters will love but collectors and AK purists will hate (but secretly love). This Saiga based, 7.62x39mm chambered AK features a 14.25″ cold hammer forged barrel with a permanently attached Krebs 4 Prong Flash Suppressor. The extended Krebs UFM rail provides plenty of real estate for gripping the carbine and KeyMod for mounting lights, slings, etc.

Krebs Custom has worked out a way to reinforce the receiver cover so that there is no movement during recoil and the receiver covered mounted rear sight returns to zero after the cover is removed and reinstalled. There is a short scope rail where the rear sight would typically be, allowing the user to mount a micro red dot sight so it will co-witness with the iron sights.

The AC-15 comes with Magpul furniture. Like every Krebs gun I have ever handled, care has been taken to remove sharp edges. It is finished with black KrebsCoat.

This first run of AC-15s will be the only one to sport a folding stock mechanism. If you want a folder direct from Krebs, act fast. Check out the new AC-15 at Krebs Custom.

CMC Triggers to Produce AK Trigger

It’s a good time to be alive if you are an AK shooter. CMC Triggers just dropped a bombshell via their social media channels. They will be producing AK triggers. Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.

CMC AK Trigger

Crowdfund This: Visual AK Identification Playing Cards – First Look

There are just 3 days left to push GunWebsite’s Visual Kalashnikov Identification Playing Cards to their $10K stretch goal. The extra funding will ensure that these cards can be produced in the USA. To help make the final push, a video giving the most in-depth look yet at the cards has been released. Feast your eyes on all the Kalashnikov goodness in the video below…

Get in on the crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter.

DDI AK with Magpul MOE Hand Guard and Khukov Stock

DDI has begun shipping another AKM complete with Magpul furniture. This time the AK comes equipped with the MOE AK Hand Guard and Zhukov stock. This combination of parts provides broader compatibility with other hand guards should you ever want to replace the MOE Hand Guard since, unlike the Zhukov Hand Guard, this requires no modification to the hand guard retainer. The Zhukov stock provides a folding stock for transport.

DDI MOE Zhukov

Like DDI’s other AKM offerings, these feature a KG Gun Coat finish. The bolt, bolt carrier, axis pins, rear sight assembly, spring guide, and barrel are Fenocite treated for corrosion resistance and increased surface hardness. Speaking of the barrel, it is made to DDI’s specs by Green Mountain and plays a large part in the surprising accuracy that has been reported by DDI shooters. I have not shot mine for groups yet but it has exhibited good practical accuracy out of the box. Each rifle ships with a Magpul AK MOE magazine.

So, if you have wanted to pick up a DDI AK with Magpul furniture but were turned off by the Zhukov Hand Guard, this could be the one. You can find them at several online dealers or your local dealer can order one for you.

Sneak Peek: SLR Rifleworks to Offer AK Hand Guards

SLR Rifleworks released a teaser image that shows their upcoming AK hand guards. The aluminum hand guards will be available in both standard and extended length models. Both of hand guards show plenty of the signature SLR Rifleworks style with obvious design cues coming from their line of AR-15 rails.

slr rifleworks AK rails

ALG Defense Begins Shipping AK Triggers

ALG Defense has begun to ship preorders of their hotly anticipated AK triggers, the AKT. There is no firm delivery date for the AKT-E but preorders are still open for both triggers.

ALG AK Trigger

From ALG Defense:

The wait is finally over; ALG Defense has begun shipping preorders for our AK47/AK74 trigger, The ALG Defense AKT. The AKT features ALG Defense’s Lightning Bow which maximizes comfort and ensures a precise shot that your stock trigger could never provide. The AKT is machined from triple alloy steel, coated in a Manganese Phosphate finish to eliminate the threat of corrosion, and comes at a price that can’t be beat. ALG Defense is proud to bring the AKT from our home in North Wales, PA to yours. Currently, we are still taking preorders of the AKT and AKT-E.


BFG UWL for Left Handed AK Shooters

It can be a bit of a challenge to mount a sling on an AK-47 (or AK-74) for the left-handed shooter. The rear sling point can usually be worked with but the front sling attachment point isn’t very forgiving for lefties. I have helped a few left handed shooters set up AKs and I always recommend using a Blue Force Gear UWL to turn the standard handguard cap hook mount into a lefty-friendly sling attachment point.

BFG UWL with Push Button Socket

I first noticed Larry Vickers using the UWL in this way shortly after they came out. It is the best solution that I have seen for left handed AK shooters. Now, Blue Force Gear has been kind enough to make a video showing how it works.

Parabellum Armament Co. AKARS-Gen3

I hope AK shooters are taking note of what is going on around there. There have been so many interesting developments for the old war horse in recent years that it is pretty easy to say that there has never been a better time to be an AK shooter. No where is the arms race to modernize the AK more apparent than in the area of optic mounts and Parabellum Armament Co. has just fired their latest shot across the bow with the introduction of the AKARS-Gen3.

Parabellum Armament Co AKARS-Gen3

The AKARS-Gen3 is a dust cover based optic mount. It replaces the stock dust cover and provides a 1913 rail interface for mounting optics. Like the earlier versions of the AKARS, the Gen3 is attached at the rear sight which must be removed to accommodate installation. The rail hinges at the front where it mounts to the rear sight interface to allow field stripping without loss of zero.

The most interesting addition to this version of the AKARS is the Glock rear sight dovetail that is located at the back of the rail. This gives the user the option of installing the Glock rear sight of their choice including ghost ring style sights (which don’t make much sense on a Glock but should work well here).

Parabellum Armament Co AKARS-Gen3 with Rear Sight

There will be a number of options available including a package with an Ameriglo ghost ring rear sight. There will be a version available for Yugo AKs and the Gen2 AKARS will still be available. The AKARS-Gen3 should be available in the next 3-4 weeks. Check out Parabellum Armament Co.

Parabellum Armament Co AKARS-Gen3 dovetail

Law Tactical – AK-47 AKuracy Rear Sight

This is an interesting concept that creates quite a few new sighting options for the AK family of weapons. The new AKuracy Rear Sight from Law Tactical allows AK shooters to use a Glock rear sight as the rear sight on their AK.

Law Tactical akuracy

AK shooters have been opening up the rear notch on their rifles with a file for years. Now they can achieve that wider rear notch by using a Glock rear sight and have the additional benefits that come with the ability to use Glock rear sights like tritium inserts and a variety of options.

This is a direct, drop-in replacement for the rear sight leaf and retains all elevation adjustment functionality. It adds the ability to adjust for windage at the rear by drifting the rear sight in the dovetail. It is made from CNC machined steel and works with sights intended for 9mm Glocks.

The AKuracy Rear Sight is available for pre-order now.

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