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Nordic Components Compact Retractable Stock

If you have a dedicated .22LR AR-15 build, the new Compact Retractable Stock (CRS) from Nordic Components just might catch your eye. It is similar in design to the collapsible stocks that Heckler & Koch uses on many of their firearms. Nordic Components adapted the design to fit any AR-15 that does not require the use of the buffer tube, like those that have been converted to .22LR.

The stock is adjustable from a fully collapsed length of pull (LOP) of 5 7/8″ to six other positions varying from a LOP of 8-7/8″ to 13-7/8″. The stock weighs roughly the same weight as a standard M4 collapsible stock but it is significantly more compact. In its fully collapsed position it still allows for the bolt catch to function and will allow the dust cover to open far enough for the rifle to function.

This stock would be especially handy on a .22LR SBR build. .22LR uppers can be made with extremely short barrels without concern for gas system length. Those shorter barrels, coupled with a stock this compact, would make for a very trim, light weight, and handy firearm.

The new CRS is available now from the Nordic Components website.

Troy Nav Stock

It has become very common for those who carry both an AR-15 and a GPS to attach the GPS to the stock of the AR-15. This is usually done in a field improvised way or by using a wrist strap that is also designed to attach the GPS to an AR-15 stock. The most common GPS device used for this application the Garmin Foretrex 401. It’s compact size make it ideal.

Troy has a clever solution that does away with the field improvisation. The Troy Nav Stock actually has a Foretrex 401 embedded into the stock. It is mounted upside down so that the user needs only to glance downward and roll the rifle slightly to view the display or operate the GPS. The Foretrex utilizes a patch antenna that will function very well even when the unit is upside down in this manner.

This is specialized gear that not everyone needs but it definitely a clever solution for those who do need it.

Image is property of Troy Industries.

Next Generation Arms X7 – Gray is the New Black

Next Generation Arms (NGA) is about to unleash a new AR-15 pattern rifle called the X7. The X7 is what an AR-15 would look like if every part was scrutinized, modernized, and optimized for function. It combines innovative features and premium parts to make a rifle so unique that can’t even be called by the name “black rifle” – it’s The Gray Rifle.

The list of features on this rifle is impressive and it seems that nearly every part has been tweaked in some way to increase function. The hand guards are slim to allow a large variety of grips. The 6 and 9 o’clock rails on the hand guards have been set back slightly from the end of the hand guard to allow for an extended support arm grip. The magazine well is cavernous to speed reloads and give more space for the fingers when clearing double feeds. There are integral QD sling mounts in the optimal locations – on the fore end near the receiver and on the center of the receiver end plate. Ceramic coatings are used through out for extreme corrosion resistance and easier maintenance. The barrels are made by Noveske and are guaranteed to hold 1 MOA. I could go on but I think you are starting to get the picture.

It should be no surprise that a rifle this well appointed, this well thought out, and this innovative is the result of input from some of the best trigger pullers in the industry. NGA had independent advisers like Mike Pannone, Ed Santos, John Farnam, and others helping them throughout the process of bringing this rifle to market.

The X7 won’t be cheap but it is definitely going to be impressive.

You can read more about the X7 on the NGA website.

Image provided by Next Generation Arms.

Convertible Slings from Tactical Link

Jerking the Trigger first showed you the 2 to 1 Point Triglide (AKA The Triglide) from Impact Weapons Components about 1 month ago. Since that time The Triglide has made some serious waves in the industry.

Tactical Link is the first company to unveil new slings designed specifically to leverage the unique functionality of The Triglide. They have introduced two slings: the Convertible Sling and the Convertible Bungee Sling. Tactical Link is already well known for their excellent sling mounts that utilize push button QD sling swivels. So, incorporating The Triglide into slings made specifically for use with their sling mounts is a perfect fit.

Both slings allow the user to quickly and easily transition between 1 point and 2 point configuration. If you need extra maneuverability you can configure the sling as a 1 point. As soon as the need arises for more stability, you can transition on the fly to a 2 point configuration. These slings give you the best of all worlds. You can tailor these slings to your specific requirements at a specific moment.

You can read more about these slings and other great sling products at Tactical Link’s website.

New from Insight Technology: WL1 AA Powered Weapon Light

It was only a matter of time before someone made a dedicated weapon light that was powered on AA batteries. The someone is Insight Technology and the light is the WL1.

Insight Technology claims that the WL1 is the first tactical light to run on AA batteries. It features a quick-release rail grabber interface, 90 minute runtime, 150+ lumen output, momentary activation, strobe function, and an optional visible red laser. These lights also feature Insight’s split rocker switch which I am very familiar with from the Insight Technology Procyon and WX-150. It is a very nice system that allows the switch to function identically with both left and right hand manipulations.

While this light will run on alkaline AA batteries, lithium AA batteries will be the smart choice. Lithiums have a longer shelf life and can handle a wider temperature range. Lithiums batteries will be ideal but it is very attractive to have a light that can be run on grocery store AA batteries in a pinch.

I have been using Insight Technology products since the original M3. I have owned the M3, the M3X, the SSL-1, the Procyon, and the WX-150. If the new WL1 works as well as those lights did, it will be a very popular light.

It appears that there is some limited information about the WL1 on Insight Technology’s website. Hopefully, more information will be available soon.

New IR Lasers Available for Commercial Sales

Laser Devices Inc. and Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) have announced a new class of IR pointers that are legal for commercial sales. These Class I IR lasers will have reduced range versus their Military/LE only counterparts, but they will still offer solid 75-100 meter performance for night vision users.

One of the biggest road blocks to non-military/LE night vision users has been the difficulty in purchasing a quality IR laser system. Now these systems have been made available to everybody, though in a somewhat neutered format. This should be an exciting development for night vision users.

TNVC is already taking orders for the following models:

  • DBAL-I2 ($966.00) – Dual Beam – Vis. Red Pointer/IR Pointer
  • EOLAD-1I ($1440.00)
  • ITAL-Classic ($678.00)
  • OTAL-Classic ($678.00)

You can read more in TNVC’s product announcement on AR15.com, on the TNVC website, and the Laser Devices Inc. website.

60 and 100 Round AR-15 Magazines from Surefire

One way to reduce the time spent reloading is to do away with the reload all together. Surefire’s new high capacity AR-15 magazines seek to do just that.

The new magazines come in 60 or 100 round capacities. The magazines use an ingenious follower that allows them to hold and feed ammo in 4 columns. The 60 round magazine will fit in many standard double magazine pouches which makes them relatively easy to carry. The 1o0 round magazine is a bit unwieldy, but military users may find that the extra capacity is well worth the ease of handling trade-off.

Everyone that I have talked to who have put hands on these have been impressed with the build quality. Surefire is well known for their no compromise approach to quality and function so I expect these magazines will be well made and reliable.

You can read more about these magazines on the Surefire website.

New Ruger 22/45 Threaded Barrel Rimfire Pistol

Ruger has been making some really interesting moves lately. They have introduced several firearms that really show a dedication toward tactical, self-defense, and concealed carry markets with products like the suppressor ready 10/22s, the LCP, LCR, and the new LC9. These are markets that they never would have targeted while Bill Ruger Sr. was at the helm.

Now they have announced a new version of their 22/45 that features threaded 4.5″ barrel and a Picatinny rail mounted beneath the barrel. It is available with fixed sights or a receiver mounted Picatinny optics mounting rail. This new 22/45 would be an absolute blast with a micro Aimpoint mounted on top and suppressor mounted on the muzzle.

Read more at Ruger.com.

Review: DuckBill Tactical Grip for the AR-15

The A2 grip that comes standard with most AR-15s is functional but has some well known shortcomings. These shortcomings are the reason that it is usually replaced and discarded not long after someone purchases an AR-15. The DuckBill Tactical Grip takes the best of the A2 grip and adds a few improvements that address the shortcomings of the A2 grip.

The most glaring problem with the A2 grip is that is leaves a gap between the trigger guard retention “ears”. This gap wears on the knuckle of your middle finger and by the end of a day on the range, it can often leave a blister. The DuckBill Tactical Grip has a rounded projection that extends to cover this gap (I assume this is the “duckbill” that gives this grip its name). It allows you to drive your hand high into the grip without tearing your knuckle apart on the trigger guard gap. It is a very simple solution that is very comfortable.

The standard A2 grip has a rest or bump on the front strap that sits between the middle finger and ring finger of the user. This finger shelf does nothing but get in the way for me. It prevents the hand from riding as high as possible on the grip. The DuckBill Tactical Grip does away with it.

Some users find the A2 grip to be too short. They end up gripping the A2 with their little finger wrapped over the flare at the bottom of the grip. The DuckBill Tactical Grip adds some extra length which should correct the length issues for most users. It is long enough that I have about a 1/4″ of usable space sticking out below my hand so those with larger hands should have plenty of surface to grip.

Like the A2 grip, the DuckBill Tactical grip has checkering on the sides and vertical grooves on the back to enhance grip. However, the DuckBill also has a very fine pebbled texture applied to the front strap. This is one of my favorite things about the grip. The pebbling adds a surprising amount of extra grip without being hard on the hands at all.

If you are a user who appreciates the form factor and shorter trigger reach of the A1 or A2 grip, you will love this grip. I really like the simplicity of it. It is very comfortable to use. I can drive my hand very high on it and the extra grip texture is very well executed.

The DuckBill Tactical Grip is available in black and OD green. Check it out the DuckBill Tactical Grip website.

These grips were provided free of charge for review.

Hornaday 7.62×39 123 Grain SST

Finding quality self defense ammo for an AK-47 can be difficult. The vast majority of the 7.62×39 ammunition available to shooters in the USA is imported ammo of questionable quality. Thankfully, Hornady is offering a steel cased 123 grain 7.62×39 load that features their excellent SST bullet.

The SST bullet utilized by this load offers more than adequate penetration and expands readily thanks to its polymer tip. The round is probably capable of better accuracy than most AK-47 rifles so accuracy will not be a concern. This load has a published velocity of 2350 FPS which is pretty close to the standard Russian M43 load. Everything points to this being a very effective choice for those who are looking for defensive ammo for their AK.

Check out the Hornaday 7.62×39 123 Grain SST on the Hornaday website.

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