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X Products Can Cannon May Be SBR or AOW

The ATF recently issued a determination letter to X Products stating that their Can Cannon is an SBR when attached to a regular AR-15 lower and an AOW when attached to a pistol lower. At this time, the only legal way to use a Can Cannon is with it attached to an SBR or registered full-auto lower. This is likely impossible for the majority of people who own these.

x products can cannon reality

You may be wondering why X Products didn’t seek a determination from the ATF before they began selling the Can Cannon. They state that they did but that they sent a diagram and photos instead of an actual sample. Now that the ATF has had a chance to inspect an actual sample, they have issued this new determination.

X Products has stated that they are working on a solution that will be ready in the next 90-120 days. They state that the solution will be more simple than just making the Can Cannon’s “barrel” 16″ long or welding closed the blank firing cap that is part of the Can Cannon’s design. There has been no word as to what that solution is.

You can read the ATF Determination Letter (PDF) by clicking here.

Read X Products letter to customers below:

can cannon letter

X Products Can Cannon Net Launcher

You may remember that X Products developed a grappling hook for their Can Cannon. When it was announced, I stated that it was as if they were getting all their cool ideas from 8 year old me.

xproducts net launcher render

Now they have shown the prototype for their Net Launcher accessory for the Can Cannon. This basically confirms that X Products is either run by 8 year old boys or run by really cool guys who never forgot their 8 year old imagination.

I can’t even begin to imagine the trouble I could have found if I had a tangible net launcher instead of just an imaginary one.

xproducts net launcher

X Products Can Cannon – A Reality

x products can cannon reality

The response to the X Products Can Cannon that I told you about a few months ago has prompted to X Products to move forward with production. There is no time frame for availability at this point but soon you will be able to launch soda cans with an AR-15 thus completing your lifelong quest for fulfillment. Soon, you will no longer have to wonder how you managed to live with a 100-150 yard accurate soda can launching gadget shaped hole in your soul. We will all be able to die happy on that day that we first launch a cold beverage into the waiting hands of a friend 150 yards away.

Keep an eye on X Products for more details.

X Products Can Cannon

I have no need for a device that turns my AR-15 into 12oz can launcher that is accurate to 100-150 yards and yet my desire to own one is not diminished.

x products can cannon

The Can Cannon utilizes blanks and a special barrel to launch cans in the coolest way possible. X Products is currently mulling the idea of actually producing these in kit and complete upper form. I hope they do because the X Products Can Cannon is all I have ever wanted. Now I just need them to make a high capacity can magazine to go with it.

X Products X-15 C Drum Magazine

XProducts X15C

X Products just introduced several new color options for their X-15 drum magazine. This compact, 50 round magazine for the AR-15 was previously only available in black. Burnt Bronze, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, and Zombie Green are available now. X Products will release additional colors later including Tungsten.

Check out the new X-15 C at X Products.

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