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White Sound Defense FOSSA-762 – Testing Effects on Accuracy

White Sound Defense has conducted some testing with regard to how their FOSSA series of flash suppressors effect the accuracy of the firearm that they are mounted on. They posted images that came out of the test showing that the FOSSA-762 seems to have little effect, if any, on the particular precision bolt-action rifle used for testing.

wsd fossa test rifle wsd fossa test target

It has been my experience with AR-15s that, as long as the muzzle device is properly torqued (a good reason to use shims instead of crush washers), the effects on accuracy are marginal and hard to measure. This test conducted by White Sound Defense may not be scientific but it shows anecdotally, that your accurate rifle will remain an accurate rifle with a FOSSA attached to it.

If you are looking for a very effective flash suppressor that can also reduce muzzle rise, the FOSSA series of muzzle devices are a great choice.

White Sound Defense 5.56 Muzzle Device Shim Kits

I ditched crush washers and peel washers years ago in favor of shims. Crush washers are too easy to install slightly crooked (which is the reason many suppressor manufacturers warn against them for suppressor mounts) and peel washers are just a pain to deal with. Shims, like the new ones from White Sound Defense, go a long way toward ensuring a straight muzzle device install and are very easy to deal with.


The White Sound Defense 5.56 Muzzle Device Shim Kits are unique in that they have a slight cone shape which helps naturally align the entire stack of shims. Each one adjusts the orientation of the muzzle device by about 1/8th of a turn. This has a natural torque setting effect, allowing you to stack your washers until you are within 1/8th a turn of the desired orientation when hand tight and then tighten with a wrench to proper alignment and torque.

These shims are well made, from good materials (hardened stainless steel), and they are extremely easy to use. Check them out at White Sound Defense.

White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 Giveaway

The White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 is one of the most effective flash suppressors that I have used. On a 16″ barrel, it generally produces zero visible flash and it has the additional benefit of providing some muzzle climb mitigation. It is a very cool muzzle device that I like to talk about whenever possible.

White Sound Defense is giving one away and entering is easy. Just head over to the contest page and complete the two steps required to enter.

White Sound Defense FOSSA-762

The White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 is one of my favorite muzzle devices. It completely eliminates flash on all the ammo that I have tried it with and it adds a measure of muzzle rise reduction as an added bonus. White Sound Defense is now working on a 7.62 version called the FOSSA-762. They recently released a teaser image of a prototype device mounted on an ArmaLite AR10A SuperSASS.

white sound defense fossa 762

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