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Vigilance Tactical Benchmade Low Profile Safety Hook Carrier

I picked up a few Benchmade Low Profile Safety Hook Carriers a few years ago and they have been great. The only real drawback, and it is a fairly large drawback, is that these nifty little Kydex Safety Hook sheaths can only be used in PALS webbing columns with no gaps between the rows which limits their placement. Vigilance Tactical has now found a way to overcome that issue in the form of a small webbing loop that can be placed on the carrier.

vigitac cutter carrier vigitac cutter carrier filler

The Benchmade Low Profile Safety Hook Carrier is a slim Kydex sheath for excellent Benchmade Safety Hooks (see our review) that can be slipped into a column of PALS webbing. It is hooked at the top and bottom so that once it is in place, it is retained by the webbing. The space inside the PALS webbing column is so narrow that the sides of the sheath must be open which means that if it isn’t completely surrounded by webbing, it can slip out the side of the sheath during the draw and potentially cut your PALS webbing. This is why, previously, you were limited to solid PALS webbing columns instead of columns that skip rows which, unfortunately, is the way most PALS grids are configured.


Now, for an additional $1.25, Vigilance Tactical will include PALS Webbing Filler that corrects this issue. I highly recommend the Benchmade Low Profile Safety Hook Carrier as an easy and accessibly way to carry your safety cutter and I highly recommend that you add the PALS Row Filler to your order to maximize its versatility.

Check out the Benchmade Low Profile Safety Hook Carrier at Vigilance Tactical.

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