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Vertx Apparel Signs Design Agreement with Fighter Design

Jesse at PredatorBDU first turned me on to the Fighter Design’s innovative offerings. It is no surprise to see them teaming up with other innovators like Vertx.

Vertx Fighter Design

From Vertx:

Vertx Apparel Signs Design Agreement with Fighter Design

Vertx Apparel, the tactical brand and innovation design arm of Fechheimer Brothers, is proud to announce they have signed a licensing agreement with Fighter Design of Austin, TX. This new partnership will allow Vertx to incorporate Fighter Design’s proprietary Airflow Technology into new models of the world’s best tactical pant.

“Fighter Design’s ‘Airflow Tech’ has been on my radar for a while now,” says Vertx Director of Sales Darrell Morrow. “As an apparel feature there’s nothing else like it. It’s proven to keep you cool. Adding it as a feature option to Vertx tactical pants is frankly just an awesome evolution.”

Fighter Design’s Airflow Technology has already garnered well-deserved attention for shooters, athletes and operators who must work in high temperatures. It’s an aggressive, well designed system that utilizes extremely tough mesh material in strategic locations like the inseam of the pant legs and cargo pocket interiors to create a cooling flow of air into the pants.

“We’re very excited to be working with Vertx on this,” says Fighter Design’s Adam Slank. “They’re an amazing company and we’re all big fans of the Vertx brand. Of all the brands in the market, we really wanted to work with Vertx. People just need to try the new pants in order to feel the airflow for themselves. Some things need to be experienced.”

Though the partnership is a young one, an initial project will be debuted at the NSSF SHOT Show, Booth #126. This will take the form of a limited run of ‘Phantom Ops Powered by Airflow.’ Note that a small number of these pants will be available for preorder at the Vertx booth and on line—and doing so may very well guarantee participation in some otherwise invite-only after-business-hours Vertx SHOT Show events.

To learn more about Vertx Phantom Ops pants, see etc. etc.

For more about Airflow Technology see:






Victory First and Vertx Join Forces

MJ Vertx

From Vertx:


Cincinnati, OH-04 DEC 13-Vertx Apparel is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Matt Jacques and the cadre of Victory First Consulting. Victory First’s Founder and Instructor Matt Jacques will be assisting Vertx with the development of both covert and overt operational equipment. He will also be involved in the ongoing evolution of “low profile” apparel designed for unremarked wear in the urban sprawl or non-permissive environment.

“Matt brings a unique set of skills and specific mindset to the design table,” says Vertx Business Development Manager Darrell Morrow. “His particular background and experience will help us completely change the way you go to the range and do the job–armed and unnoticed.”

Jacques is an SME with over twenty years of military, law enforcement, tactical and undercover experience. He has spent over the last two decades working in or providing training to specialized units and personnel of certain assignments that operated by necessity in low profile here and abroad. These have involved counter-narcotics, investigations, high risk fugitive apprehension, and dignitary protection/PSD and force protection. He has also overseen the development of several weapons systems and their training programs. He has previously worked with both Vertx and Industrial Alchemy on specific programs and is looking forward to working with Vertx on a developmental level.

“I am very excited about the working with Vertx,” says Jacques. “They’re a company that is making great strides forward in practical application discreet apparel and gear–you’re going to see their catalog grow with some phenomenal clothing and kit. I’m humbled by the invitation they extended to Victory First and honored to be a part of this development. I’m looking forward to growing with them.”

Jacques is the host of the new Panteao Productions Make Ready TV, is an instructor on several of the Panteao Productions’ “MAKE READY” series of training DVDs, has been involved in the last 3 seasons of Trigger Time TV, is a contributing writer on RECOILWEB.COM and provides SME consulting to other publications.  He and his staff continue to work with firearms and equipment manufacturers here in the US while providing specialized instruction to responsible civilians, law enforcement personnel and members of the military.

For further information, contact Ginger Rohlfs (grohlfs(at)vertx.com) or Matt himself at Matt(at)Victory-First.com.

About Vertx

The Vertx brand was developed by world-class designers to uniquely combine a low visual profile with the superior functionality of a battle garment. Now trusted by many of the nation’s top operators and agencies, Vertx offers a full line of performance driven apparel designed for durability and comfort.

Find Vertx online at www.vertx.com or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wearVERTX

Find Victory First online at www.victory-first.com or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Victory1st

Train smart, train often – Victory First

Vertx Adds New Pack and Duffle Line

You know Vertx for their “tactical” apparel line but soon you will know them for an all new line of packs and duffles. They recently sent out a press release with some teaser images that doesn’t tell us much but it certainly entices the imagination with ideas of all new organization and attachment systems.

Discussing Design Features Industrial Alchemy Low Res

From Vertx:

Vertx announces the development of a new line of wearables and organizational kit. Included in the line will be various bags and packs designed for low profile operations and, concurrent with their release, the reveal of a new series of rolling duffels that will absolutely change the way you go to the range.

“Unlikely as it sounds,” says Vertx Business Development Manager Darrell Morrow, “we really have reinvented the wheel.”

Specced, patterned and prototyped by leading outdoor and tactical designer Industrial Alchemy were hinted at back during SHOT 2013. Since then they have been rigorously tested and tweaked. Most recently they were evaluated by SME Matt Jacques of Victory First Consulting, whose unique and extensive background provides unequaled insight into the many concerns and ramifications of fighting from concealment.

“Industrial Alchemy and Vertx have put some real thought and work into these bags,” Jacques advises. “There is some unexpected innovation here. New concealment elements, stowage, the incorporation of different modularity… The design of the…we can call them mounting solutions will make waves in the modular pool, It is well done. This is going to change the way people organize their gear and work on the range. There are some very different

Laughing, Morrow agrees. “We were happy with but not surprised at Matt’s reaction. It validated all our work. No one will believe what a game changer these pieces are until they put them to work. Then they’re going to need to

Jacques came to the attention of Vertx recently with the publication of an article wherein he evaluated Vertx brand pants from several perspectives (tactical, concealed carry and workaday needs).  Previously hinted at on Soldier Systems back in January, the new gear will make its debut at SHOT Show 2014.

Vertx’s apparel is excellent so I have very high hopes for these new lines. Having Industrial Alchemy and Matt Jacques on board can’t hurt. Stay tuned for more details.

Check out WearVertx.com.

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