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Trooper-Gear SHTF+ Wrap

Trooper-Gear has a new version of their SHTF Wrap (Stop Heat TransFer Wrap). The SHTF+ Wrap is very similar to the original in form and function but it benefits from the addition of thermal insulating material that is sewn into the wrap. The thermal insulation allows it to protect the user from an even wider range of temperatures.


The SHTF+ Wrap is secured around your free float rail via Velcro. It protects from heat (and cold), provides grip, and protection for the rail when bracing on barricades. It is fits most slick-sided free float tubes (and many 4 rail tubes) and it adds minimal thickness which is nice when you have purposely chosen your rail to be thin. You can even sandwich your weapon light’s tape switch in the Velcro portion of the wrap.

Many of the slick sided free float tubes do not have a heat mitigation solution available. The SHTF+ Wrap is universal enough that it can fill that role. Check out the SHTF+ Wrap at Trooper-Gear.com.

Trooper-Gear CAV-15 MKII Enhanced Sling

If you have a CAV-15 MKII lower receiver for your AR-15, you probably wish there were more sling options available. We recently told you about one offering from Trooper-Gear in our review of the CAV-15 MKII and now I am happy to report that there is another option – the Trooper-Gear CAV-15 MKII Enhanced Sling.

CAV-15 Enhanced Sling Trooper Gear

The Trooper-Gear CAV-15 MKII Enhanced Sling is designed to work with the unique rear sling attachment set up of the CAV-15 MKII receivers and with just about any front sling attachment method. This new version features a wider section made from seat belt webbing which make the sling more comfortable. It also has the ability to be tightened and loosened rapidly based on the needs of the user.

Check out the Trooper-Gear CAV-15 MKII Enhanced Sling.

Trooper-Gear SHTF Wrap

Every time you turn around there is a new AR-15 slick sided free float rail coming to market. Most of them lack any kind of rail cover option or anything else to protect your hand from heat and abrasion. SHTF Wrap to the rescue!

Trooper-Gear was started by one of the founders of the Trooper Class in 3 Gun Competition. The SHTF Wrap was born out of his experiences in competition and training. Aluminum free float tubes can get pretty warm in competition – warm enough to get uncomfortable. This is especially true if you live in a hot environment to begin with (Trooper-Gear is based out of Arizona). The SHTF Wrap protects the shooter from the heat of the free float tube.

Check out the SHTF Wrap on Trooper-Gear.com.

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