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Sneak Peek: Architect Knife Systems Field Buddy 6.5

We recently mentioned the new Architect Knife Systems Field Buddy 5.5 from The Knife Connection (TKC). Now TKC has already dropped a teaser image for the direction (or directions) that Architect might head next.

Field Buddy 6.5 Prototype

The teaser shows a prototype for the Field Buddy 6.5, a knife with the same handle as the 5.5 but a longer blade. It also shows a potentially new grind option for the series in the form of a Scandi grind and a new contoured burlap micarta handle option. TKC has also been floating the idea 3V steel as a new premium steel option. That is a lot of options for a company that already offers a lot of options to the buyer.

Stay tuned for more details on availability.


Field Buddy 6.5

The Knife Connection (TKC) Blurs the Line Between Custom and Production with the Architect Field Buddy 5.5

Have you ever wished you could have the type of control over knife features that you get when ordering a custom knife… but pay a production knife price? That is the promise of the TKC Architect series and the first offering in that series – the Field Buddy 5.5.

The Architect Field Buddy 5.5 is available 2 ways from TKC. You can purchase the bare blade with handle kit on its own or you can use their Knife Builder to customize with your choice of handle scales, sheath options, and more.

The Field Buddy 5.5 is ground from 5/32″ thick 1095 steel. The blade has a high saber ground drop point shape where the point is in line with the handle. The blades are produced by TOPS Knives who knows how to get a lot of performance out of 1095 steel.

The handle shape is shared with the ESEE 6 which allows TKC to offer their massive array of aftermarket ESEE handles to fit the Field Buddy 5.5. The amount of options available is staggering and these handles are very comfortable to use in my experience.

There are a lot more specs and features to see and customize on the TKC Knife Builder. You can also check out the bare blade (must be purchased with handle kit) and all available accessory options at TKC’s Architect product page.

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