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TIHK HK2 – The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key Receives an Upgrade

TIHK, originators of the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, just released the details of an upgrade to their namesake product. The new TIHK HK2 retains the small size, non-ferrous construction, and integral clip that made the original TIHK so great.

However, the HK2 also boasts two major improvements over the original. Teeth have been added under the clip to ensure that it is stays in place. The integrated clip and it’s ability to hide the TIHK in places that make sense (like behind your back on a belt loop) is part of what made the original TIHK great so improving this feature makes good sense.

The second improvement comes in the form of some changes to the key portion of the TIHK that allow it to work more easily with a wider variety of cuffs. TIHK specifically references the HK2 working better with Peerless style cuffs. My original TIHKs can be made to work with the ASP cuffs but it was difficult. It will be interesting to see if the new HK2 version offers an improvement in function with ASP cuffs.

Check out the TIHK HK2 at TIHK.co

TIHK Escape Stick

TIHK first came to prominence with their namesake product, the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key. Since that time, they have continued to develop other clever and compact products designed to escape illegal restraint. Their latest product, the Escape Stick, is now available.

Part of what separates TIHK products from other products aimed at the same market is the care that TIHK puts into the design of their products. They seem to realize that not only does a tool like this have to work, it also has to be able to be carried and concealed in a way that makes sense.

The new Escape Stick is a great example of that. The tools are important and useful – a handcuff key, a rod saw, and thin metal saw. However, the form factor is just as important. This slim tool is just 3″ long with a 3/8″ diameter and most of the tool is encapsulated with a rubber tube. This design allows it to be concealed almost anywhere – even against the skin of the user.

Escape Stick at TIHK.co

Crowdfund This: TIHK EvadeClip

TIHK crashed onto the scene in 2013 with the introduction of their super clever, Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key. Now, with the introduction of the EvadeClip, they are continuing their “desire to protect citizens from those who unlawfully infringe upon life, liberty, and property.”

tihk evadeclip

The EvadeClip is a multi-tool geared toward urban survival and E&E. It is the multi-tool that MacGyver wishes he had when trying to get out of all those sticky situations – maybe not in place of his beloved Swiss Army Knife but certainly in addition to it.

The EvadeClip features stainless steel mini saw for cutting rope, cordage or plastics and a round carbide saw for cutting metal. It also features a three piece lock pick set with a tensioner, a diamond pick, and a bogota style rake. All of these tools fold into a very compact package that looks very unassuming and it has a pocket clip for stowing the EvadeClip on your person or gear.

Check out the the EvadeClip.

TIHK at Vigilant Gear

You can always count on Vigilant Gear to carry the most interesting E&E/urban survival gear. Their latest addition is the TIHK or Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key.

TIHK at Vigilant Gear

TIHK is a very compact, non-ferrous, handcuff key with a built in clip that makes it easy to carry in a number of ways including on your rear belt loop where it is accessible in the event that you are cuffed behind your back. The TIHK was designed as a discreet, EDC handcuff key for the purposes of evading unlawful arrest such as those traveling in hostile countries or to aid in escape from home invasions.

Check out TIHK at Vigilant Gear.

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