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Spyderco Para 2 with Emerson Opener – BladeOps Exclusive

The Spyderco Endura and Delica with the Emerson Opener (Wave) are among my favorite knives of all time. The Endura and Delica are excellent on their own. The Wave adds a new level of one-handed usefulness and nobody executes Wave openers better than Spyderco. I am also very fond of the Spyderco Military series and consider the Para 2 and 3 among the most versatile pocket knives available. With all that background, it’s easy to understand why I am so excited about the exclusive version of the Para 2 that BladeOps just announced.

They will be offering a Para 2 with Emerson Opener. It will have almost everything that makes the Para 2 great – that excellent G-10 handle, the Spyderco Compression Lock, CPM S30V steel, and 4-way pocket clip. There are two main differences between the basic Para 2 and the waved version. The most obvious difference is the addition of the Wave. The second difference is the saber grind that replaces the standard full flat grind.

The Spyderco Para 2 with Emerson Opener is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of 5/4. If you know anything about Spyderco exclusives, you know they tend to sell out quickly, so act now if you want one.


Spyderco Enuff

I am not a big fan of many of the modern, high-end stainless steels for use in field knives. They are just too much of a pain to sharpen in the field. There are a handful of stainless steels that have managed to win me over for use in field knives and my favorite of those is VG-10. Given my appreciation for VG-10, I was thrilled to see that Spyderco has introduced a new line of no-frills utility knives made from the steel.

Spyderco Enuff

The Spyderco Enuff has three available blade shapes – Spyderco’s well known and much loved leaf shape, a clip point, and a sheepsfoot. Each will excel at different tasks. The leaf shape is probably the most versatile of the bunch, while the clip point has a tremendous amount of belly for dressing game. The sheepsfoot is a classic rescue knife design.

Spyderco outfitted these knives with contoured and textured FRN handles which are very functional. The texture is similar, if not identical, to what they typically use on their FRN handled folding knives. They are easy to clean and really lock the knife into your hand. Spyderco also provides a kydex sheath that offers a multitude of carry options.

Check out the Spyderco Enuff on KnifeCenter.com.

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